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It’s been a very long time since I first published a free barbie clothes sewing pattern, and I’ve actually worked on several items in the ensuing years but I just wasn’t satisfied with them. So time ticked by, until finally I put on my stubborn hat and scheduled “Barbie pants sewing pattern” on my google calendar and refused to give up until I succeeded! So, with great enthusiasm I give to you this free Barbie pants pattern! It’s easy to sew and I have full video instructions in addition to the follow along photo steps and the instructions on the pattern itself. Who’s ready to get crafting???

Step by step video instructions: Barbie Clothes Pattern- How To Sew Pants

BarbieĀ Pants Pattern-

This free download works for jeggings or jeans and you could even topstich or draw on your fabric to make it look like it has pockets and a fly if you are feeling especially crafty šŸ™‚


Barbie Sewing Instructions-

  • Before we get started with step one of the Barbie pants pattern, please take a moment to print of your free barbie pants sewing pattern above.
  • Then cut out the paper pattern.
  • Then pin the pattern onto a doubled piece of thin material (like cotton) and cut out two pattern pieces.
  • Cut the velcro according to the velcro cutting guide on the pattern. (The video goes into more detail on this)

Step 1-

Attach velcro using guide on pattern. One goes on the right side of fabric and one goes on the wrong side of the fabric.

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Step 2-

Fold over the top hem of pants 1/4 inch and pin. Then sew a straight seam through all four sections. Make sure to fold over so the ugly part shows up on the wrong side of your fabric šŸ™‚

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Step 3-

Put both pieces of fabric together with the right sides touching and the wrong sides on the outside. Carefully match up the top and along the curve. Pin and sew 1/4 inch seam along the curve from the bottom of the velcro all the way along to the curve to the top right hem line. Back stitch at the end for and beginning for added security.

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Step 4-

Make three or four notches along the curved seam, being careful not to cut through the stitches.

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Step 5-

Fold up the bottom of the legs to make a 1/4 inch hem and pin. Then sew a straight stitch across both legs. You’re almost done with your barbie pants so keep on sewing a little bit longer!

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Step 6-

Fold fabric so the the right sides of the fabric are touching and match up the top and bottom hems to pin along each side. Then sew with a straight stitch. Turn right side out with a professional casing turner, or a pencil or a crochet hook or whatever you have lying around. Just be careful not to damage the fabric as you do so. Now you’re ready to put your awesome new pants on Barbie and see of they fit.

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  • WhenĀ your BarbieĀ pants are too big, try sewing with a wider seam allowance.
  • If the pants are to tight, try sewing with a more narrow seam allowance, or trimming some of the excess fabric along the sides.
  • If there is gaping along the waist, try folding over one of your velcro tabs, and if that corrects the problem, use a seam ripper to remove and then re-attach your velcro.
  • You may need to hand sew a little depending on where you boo-boohs are.

Have fun sewing, and I hope you enjoyed this free barbie pants pattern!

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