How To Make A Barbie Bathtub

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How to make a barbie bathtub

Here’s how to make a Barbie bathtub using paper mache and some hardware you might even have laying around the house already. DIY presents are a great way to save money and handmade gifts are special, period!

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DIY presents are a great way to save money!

How To Make A Barbie Bathtub

  Remember this toy contains small parts that aren’t appropriate for little children.  We can’t be held liable if someone gets hurt so make at your own risk!

how to make barbie furniture

I made this tub for my daughter’s birthday.

Next are the free printable pattern pieces for paper mache doll bathtub.  You’ll want to print these onto cardstock!

Pattern Page 1

barbie bathtub pattern piece 1  (make sure to print two of this piece)

Pattern Page 2

barbie bathtub pattern piece 2


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