Barbie Dress Patterns

If you’re looking for free barbie dress patterns you’ve come to the right place. To print these free sewing patterns just click on the link below the picture of the pattern pieces.

Barbie Dress Patterns Part 1


Barbie Dress Patterns Part 2


Barbie Dress Patterns

doll dress patterns

Click the link below to print the free sewing pattern

printable barbie dress patterns


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34 Comments on “Barbie Dress Patterns

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  2. Have you made any other Barbie clothes? For Ken or any of the Barbie sisters, Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea, Kelly etc.? These dolls are often nude and could use some more clothes. I am going to make a full size dress and then I might try to scale the pattern down for the smaller girls.

    • Jenni I’m sorry I haven’t yet! But I am planning on making some separates that could be mixed and matched I just don’t know if I’ll get to it for Christmas or not. Did you see the paper mache barbie bathtub? You might like that, it has a printable pattern and makes a great Christmas present 🙂

    • I will try to do barbie pants this year. I just finished making a separates outfit with a tube top and a long skirt so I still need to film that video, but I’ll try to make pants my next outfit goal. Please be patient though… I can be slow 🙂

  3. I love your bodice pattern, so easy. All of the bought patterns have darts that have to be marked and yours has no darts but it fits!! Saves a lot of trouble. I am 83 and have been sewing for Barbie since my girls were little and now making them for a great granddaughter who is 5.years old. I asked her how she liked the clothes I msde and she said, they are all right but they really need some So now I am using some shiny, glittery scraps for the evening dresses!I have a huge collection of patterns but usualyl use the same ones over and over.I did not mean to write a letter..just wanted to tell you how much I like your pattern. Thank You, Billie

    • I’m always happy to read “letters” when they’re this flattering 🙂 I try to avoid darts in my patterns because I find them super annoying and I don’t like to go through the effort of getting out marking pens or chalk so I try to make things as simple as possible. P.S. you are an inspiration, 83 and still sewing. Thanks for giving us all something to look forward to you sound like the best grandma ever!

  4. Do you have any more free patterns? Are there any other sites that you know of that have some nice ones?

    • I have oodles of free patterns all over the site (I just don’t like to charge for them!) This is the only barbie clothes pattern I’ve posted so far but I do have another one designed that I need to film and put up. Just to get you excited it’s a separates set (long skirt and tube top). I also have a post on how to make a paper mache barbie bathtub that you might enjoy.

  5. Everything about this video is awesome. Thanks for the time you take to share your work with us.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment I love getting feedback, especially when it’s positive hehe! I’d love to hear how your projects turn out 🙂

  6. For quick fray stopping (especially on ribbons), use a lighter or candle (I like a taper candle or long lighter) to QUICKLY singe the fabric. This works with any synthetic (including purchased doll clothes–just be careful not to melt a hole in them). Practice on some scraps to get used to moving it smoothly so you don’t melt it unevenly. Works GREAT on almost ALL ribbons! (even on girls’s dresses & etc) Poly, nylon, acrylic, acetate, & rayon all work well with this. This does NOT work with cotton (many cotton blends too), wool, silk, linen, etc.

    • Thanks for sharing Linda 🙂 That’s great advice although I’m still afraid of fire haha!

  7. Found your awesome blog through youtube!
    You’re wonderful at explaining things so clearly… My instructions sometimes doesn’t even make sense to me 😛

    And your material shelves look so cute and well organized!

    • Thanks Meri! I try to just assume everyone is a beginner 🙂 Is sewing your craft of choice?

  8. i really love ur videos 🙂 and i also love ur sewing machine hehe 🙂 praying that i can have one like that someday 🙂 do u have more patterns that we can use? ahm for free 😀 Thank u and Godbless mmmmmuahhh!

    • I made a barbie bermuda shorts pattern that is unisex for Ken or Barbie and I can’t believe that I STILL haven’t had time to film it. This is me hanging my head in shame over here 🙁 On the plus side my kids go back to school in like a week so once I get them all settled in I should be able to move back into super video mode! (and of course the pattern will be free!)

  9. Just made the dress and my Little girl loves it, your tutorial was fantastic thank you :o) Now off to make more for Cinderella and Princess Belle!

    • Wonderful! I’m so glad she liked it. I need to finish making some more patterns. Christmas will be here before we know it 🙂

      • I love your patterns and videos. Maybe you could send your kids off to an indoor playground with Mr. Clean so you can post more Barbie doll clothes patterns. Hurry Christmas is coming!!!!!

        • That’s a very good idea Jolene 🙂 I’ll see what I can do! This week is Thanksgiving break so I have all three kids… so the odds aren’t so good haha!

  10. I’m 53 and going to try my first dress for my granddaughters Barbies. Thank you so much for the pattern and the wonderful video, you make it look much easier than it probably is, so here goes ………..

      • What scale is the pattern? The one I printed is not to scale. Thanks. Jan

        • I forgot to say thanks for the videos. I am hoping some will post about what the scale back s in the Barbie pattern. I’ m making doll clothes for my step daughter ‘s birthday. Also to sew clothes out of spandex, you have to sew on top of tissue paper. To sew knits, you can use tissue paper or cloth scraps to get pass the first couple of stitches. Janice

          • Sorry I didn’t see this until now. Sewing on top of tissue paper is a great idea to make the knits easier. I hope this isn’t too late for your daughters birthday 🙁

        • Janice, Did you click on the link below the picture that says “printable barbie dress patterns” If you just click on the picture it won’t be the right size. If you click on the link it should open up a nice PDF that is to scale! Please let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll go recheck my links 🙂

  11. I am floor that was so good didn’t know that could be done like that amazing love your video ..cause I knit and crochet there clothes …now I’m gona sew them thank you so much that was easy I think I can do this I hope…

    • It sounds like you’re very crafty Carolyn! You’re putting me to shame with being able to knit and crochet… I can only do basic knitting stitch and I always forget how to cast on 🙂

  12. Just printed your Barbie dress pattern. I have some spare time, never done anything like this before but I have four granddaughters who all have Barbies that are naked. You made it look so easy I am going to give it a go. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks for showing us how to do a Barbie dress. Susan

    • You can do it Susan! I’m sure your granddaughters will love getting some clothes on those naked barbies haha!

  13. i thank u very much for the videos and the free patterns. printed n cut the patterns, and cant wait to try to sew them. mass of thx again. xoxo

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