How To Cut A Bowl Haircut

Renee Lomelino from Forever Fit Life demonstrates how to cut a bowl haircut in this video. Bowl haircuts are a great style for little boys, they aren’t hard to do, and cutting your child’s hair yourself is a great way to save money.


How to cut a bowl haircut PARTIAL VIDEO TRANSCRIPT

Hello my name is Renee Lomelino with Modern Homemakers and today we’re going to do a haircut. We’re going to do a bowl cut. Now originally the name bowl cut comes because they used to actually set a bowl on top of the head and just cut out everything that was underneath that bowl. But we’re going to do a little more methodically than that today. So this is Isaiah he’s my grandson and we’re gonna do his hair. Now I’ve actually cut his hair in a bowl haircut before, and it’s just grown out.

So first off we want to put on a cape so he doesn’t get hair down his neck. If you don’t have a cape that’s fine you can use a sheet with a little clothes pin or you can buy an actual shampoo cape or a comb out cape. So this needs to be wet. You could either just have taken a shower or if the hair is not wet just spray it down with a spray bottle. We’re also gonna use a rat tail comb and these hair clips just to keep the hair in place so that it will make a better cut. And a pair of scissors, they do need to be hair cutting scissors. These are not that expensive. Spend maybe 20-25 dollars and you can use them over and over again.

So I’m gonna part in the middle and in the back to divide the hair into 4 quadrants. If you have a child that is squirmy do this in front of the tv. I’ve taken about a quarter of an inch of hair at the bottom and the rest of this I’m just gonna twist it around get it up out of my way. So I got my beauty license a long time ago, I don’t do it professionally anymore but I use it a lot on my family. A lot of these things are really not that hard to do and you can save a lot of money. Keep spraying it always kind of gets dry. Comb it down real flat against the head. I’m gonna go right around the eyebrow length, this can be a little bit shorter. This is kind of like our pattern this first time around. That’s what we will follow when we do the rest of the hair. And then on the sides I’m just gonna come down at an angle. If you have a mirror to be in front of you that would make it a little bit easier. Then what we’re gonna look at is the ears. If you notice the length from this hair on the ear to make sure they’re the same. We’re gonna go around and do the back. So we’re gonna take about that same amount back from hear and when you get to the side they should equal about the same length for a bowl cut. I’m taking my time, this first pass around is the most important, and then meeting the two places up.

After that’s done then all you have to do is take a half or quarter inch more of hair down, and you should be able to see the original line, and follow it like a pattern. So’ I’m just following that other line and we’ll just go a couple of times around until all the hair is gone. This is the traditional bowl cut that we’re doing. There are lots of modifications. You could take shears and buzz this part in the back. But we’re doing the traditional bowl cut, real popular back in the 70s. If you can’t see the underneath you would just make a more shallow parting, so remember if you can’t see the pattern, do less hair so that you can see the pattern to cut by.

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4 Comments on “How To Cut A Bowl Haircut

  1. I think I’d be too afraid to try this. I’d mess their hair up and then somehow it would end up in a school picture and I’d never live it down.

    • You can always barter with someone who isn’t afraid. You could swap babysitting, cleaning, or any number of things!

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