How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair

Here are step by step instructions for how to cut toddler boy hair at home yourself so you can save some money!  You might also be interested in how to cut a bowl haircut.

How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair Part 1

How to Cut Toddler Boy Hair Part 2

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair Part 1

Hi I’m Renee with Modern Homemakers, and today we’re doing a toddler haircut with Gideon. We just got finished, we’re still not even totally finished, I think I may come back tomorrow and do a few touchups, but he’s at the end of his rope. Working with toddlers you’re not going to expect perfection because they’re just moving they’re real busy. Modern Homemakers intro and theme song.

One of the secrets to doing toddler haircuts is just to keep them occupied. So we’re going to start out with Gideon just sitting in his chair. Got to get his hair wet, we’ve got his cousin Savannah to distract him. She’s going to give him popsicles and things to keep him still. He doesn’t like the water. So we’re going to start with him here in the highchair. Later on we’ll have Savannah hold him when we get to the back part. Ok, just part it in the middle, just a center part. Looking good buddy.

If your toddler likes cartoons that’s another thing you can do. Gideon’s not so interested in cartoons. Forget the haircut I think I’m going to do that every day! It’s pretty special. So I’m parting in the middle then I’m going to cut it in fourths. Part it in 4 different sections and take a small amount of hair on the bottom, just kind of bring that down. And then we’ll take this hair up and put it out of our way. It doesn’t have to be super straight we’re just trying to get that hair separated.

Now, you realize of course that that popsicle is definitely going to have hair in it by the time we are done. Okay, then I’m gonna try to do this back part if I can get him o lean forward I’ll go ahead and part in the back. His hair is definitely needing a haircut. We’ve trimmed it so far, but this will be his first actual haircut. People are starting to say isn’t she cute. So we decided it was time. He’s being good, so far. So far so good, except for the spray bottle he doesn’t like that water.

OK, while he’s leaning forward so well I think I’m going to cut this around his nape first. We’re going to make this short back here he hasn’t had it short yet. It’s time to have a cute little boy haircut it’s gonna be kind of a modified bull. So start with about how long you want it in the back, it’s good to go with their natural hairline. You don’t want to shave their hair the back of their neck so don’t make it go any shorter than their natural hairline. So we won’t shave when we’re done. Know that at any time they could jump so you don’t want the point of the scissors down by them. Alright so that’s what I’m going to do back there. Then I’m going to come up front , and I’m thinking Joquena do you want it maybe a quarter of an inch above his eyebrows? We’re going to go with a little shorter because it’ll grow and we don’t want to need a haircut again next week.

And I’m going to hold his head so that he doesn’t accidentally … what what what. Is that good, do you like that? Hairy popsicle I can see it in there already. And then we have the choice we can go up and over the ears or we can go straight across not quite as short so be thinking about that Joquena. And you get lots of crooked when they jerk their head around. These scissors are not very good. The finest the dollar store had to offer. Oh that’s the problem. I am not a fancy beautician, and we have what we have. You want to go up and over the ears or straight across. Straight across would be a little bit longer. Whatever looks more boyish. More boyish would be up and over the ears. What do you think daddy’s gonna think about that. He’s not gonna like all these hair clips everyone’s been putting in there so let’s go up and over the ear.

This is definitely more little boy. OK, one thing I like to do is I like to take their ear, and just bring it all the way out of the equation. Just pull that ear down so we don’t accidentally nip the ear. I don’t think I’d want to have this job. No this is not a fun job. So I’m going to push this ear down… mhmm… boy you really needed this buddy. And if you’re cutting their hair just know that it’s not going to be perfect because they’re moving so much that it’s just kind of really difficult to get it perfect. So be willing to accept that. Gideon! Hmmm we’ll come back to that. That area’s not done but he’s like not wanting me to work there now.

I’m gonna go up here framing his face and then around and over the ear. I can’t get in there because of the high chair. It works out well too if you can just have someone hold him. But it’s like a 3 person job and we could use a 4th. You can see why we’re going shorter on things. Yeah we don’t want to do this too often. We have decided to just do the front part and then we’re going to have savannah hold him while we do the back because we just can’t get to the back he keeps on leaning back against the highchair. So you take out like a little parting of hair, so maybe like a quarter of an inch, 16th of an inch take that out from the clip and then pull that down, and then you just put the rest of the hair back up. So I’m not going to layer this part in front I’m just going to leave it long all blunt cut one length.

That way it’ll look thicker and that makes I look more like a little boy because he is a little boy. You see how long his bangs were! SO if you look here you can see where we cut underneath and you can see the longer hair on top that we haven’t cut yet. And that’s going to be our guide where we will cut the hair. We’re going to try to make it equal to that first cut. O wow ow, I don’t think he knows what ow means. He’s being very calm so I’m just going to go ahead and do the rest of this side. So all we’ve got done so far is a little bit around that ear, probably not to straight yet. Ok and we’re going to bring around the other ear. Ok let’s come over to this side. So you can see the part hanging down. How that’s longer, and you just use that as your guide. Please continue on to how to cut toddler boy hair part 2. Please subscribe to our youtube channel.

 VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair Part 2

Are we frustrated? Is somebody not so happy to have his hair cut? Then bring down that little section of hair and you can see underneath again where we cut before. I let him have that comb, maybe that will occupy him for a little bit. Not happy with the whole thing are we… no no. Gideon look at me, you like that? And then every time he moves his eyebrows up it’s a different length. Awesome, all right. I’ve still got to get those bangs straight some how. You want to be still. These are terrible scissors. So these are what you get at the dollar store huh? Yes, don’t buy the dollar store scissors.

I definitely would invest in a little better pair of scissors than this. Oh good we’re going to move on to the back, we’re going to take him out of the highchair. What’s here Gideon look up there. Haha it’s like every time I go to cut he moves, ok. Once more, ok here’s one of the areas that got really chopped because he jerked right when I was in that spot so I’m hoping that I can straighten that out. And then he puts his head back… look forward buddy. Now we could just leave it blunt cut like this or we could kind of layer it around his neck. Let’s just leave it blunt cut, yeah I’m kind of thinking the blunt because he’s never had it this drastic before. Layering it up might be a little more of a shock to everyone because they’re used to his long…

So about how many times do you section it off for each of those little sections? Maybe 4 or 5 it depends on the thickness hair. This line, I want to be able to see that after I pull this down. So if I pull this down and I can’t see that line anymore I would make that a thinner parting. Good job buddy. He says savannah I like, you not so much, you with the spray bottle. Looking good, it’s never going to be perfect, so if you’re expecting perfection that’s probably not going to happen at this age because they just move to much. But it’s going to save you a lot of money doing it yourself and if you take your time you can still do a good job.

And I’ve done this before and stopped if it’s just like not working at all you might want to come back to it later if they get real upset. Normally he doesn’t want to lay his head on anyone’s shoulder, you’d figure that now… Grandma he will not let go of me so, just kind of pick him up with both hands and hold him up like this. I am stepping in so much popsicle… and I’m covered in it, hairy popsicle, we’re all covered with hairy popsicle. We need more popsicle, but he’s so busy looking at it that it has caught his attention. I actually got about snips in that time. Hi dirty popsicle baby. Oh gosh he’s eating it off his shirt.

All right look this way, take both hands and kind of lift him up. He’s like get away. Food, more and more food. Oh my gosh my arms, tough it out savannah. I feel like a bear, a dirty bear. Up and around the ears, just kind of follow the shape of the ear. Almost done buddy, it looks so much better. OK, look this way here. We needed loud cartoons. We just didn’t have anything down here to kind of catch his attention. Isy do stuff to keep him happy. There you go grandma, take it. I see a downside in this haircut, I can see all the wax in his ear I’m going to have to take care of that more frequently. Is it too late to go back? It’s too late. Oh he’s belching because he’s eating so much. Get him off of me. I guess we could have gotten a better haircut if Joquena could hold him but she’s running the camera. Can I hold the camer. I’ve got to get a shot of his beard. Oh, you’re like a hairball mister. All right, I know we have lots of areas that are not straight, oh my goodness boy. Where to start. Every time I try to do that one he moves. I’ve tried to do that one several times, he’s helping you . oh good, I’m so glad that he’s helping. I’m just gonna spritz the come a little bit. So serious, oh yeah he’s a serious boy. OK, look up, ewww he has it in his mouth, yeah we’re not worried about that now. Wow he really looks good. Come on you, let me get at this ear. I don’t know we may have to stop because every time I try to get in there he bats my hand away. That’s the beauty of a home haircut we can come back tomorrow and do touch ups and stuff. Oopsie, I get like one cut and then he… it looks way better than it did… he’s had enough. And it’s way better than when we started and I may do a couple touch ups, maybe when he’s asleep when he’s taking a nap I might straighten up his bangs a little more.


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