How To Trim Eyebrows

Renee from Forever Fit Life shows you how to trim eyebrows. Trimming eyebrows actually isn’t hard at all and learning how to groom eyebrows is something every woman should learn to do in order to keep her man looking good!  Be careful, especially the first time you try this.  Just cut a little at a time.  Hair will grow back, but not immediately 🙂

In this tough economy one of the first things people slash is beauty expenses.  You can still look great without breaking the bank.  Home haircuts are another great way to save money!  Are you interested in learning How To Cut A Bob Haircut, How To Cut A Bowl Haircut, or How To Cut Men’s Hair?

How To Trim Eyebrows

How to trim eyebrows — VIDEO TRANSCRIPT

Hello I’m Renee with Modern Homemakers, and today we’re going to learn how to trim eyebrows. Not to confuse this we’re talking about men’s eyebrows. Don’t confuse this with a woman, we pluck we tweeze we wax, we shape. But men just want to trim out those long hairs that are hanging out. So a rat tail comb and hair cutting scissors. So just hold the comb, and whatever is hanging out we’re going to cut.

We’ve all seen those crazy bushy eyebrows that are like an inch long! You can do this for your husband so he doesn’t look like that. There you have it, that takes like 1 minute, and now you know how to trim eyebrows. Please subscribe to our youtube channel!

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