Spring Fever- Gardening Modern Homemakers Style

container gardening, growing kaleI’ve never been a huge fan of the outdoors… but something happened this Spring. The gardening bug hit me. I’ve dabbled with veggies on and off over the last decade but never with much success. But this year I decided that I’m going to be a fabulous gardener… SO THERE!!!

starting seeds indoors

Who messed up my kitchen?


A couple of months ago I made a big mess in my kitchen and started seeds indoors. Check out my brother’s video here if you want more details on how to start seeds indoors. I’ve been reading everything I can and watching way more YouTube videos than I want to admit to.

It's hard to find the messy photos... because I always angle the camera away haha! But if you look behind the swing you'll see some of the backyard junk I'm talking about.

It’s hard to find the messy photos… because I always angle the camera away haha! But if you look behind the swing you’ll see some of the backyard junk I’m talking about.

Because of this newfound love of plants I’ve been spending countless hours outside. Which means I’ve been forced to stare at my messy backyard day after day after day.

modern homemakers, diy garden fence

Horse fence keeps kids in too!

So I decided to make some big changes. We finally finished our “classy” horse fence. Literally this project took us two years of off and on labor. You can see the older 2×4’s are a different color, and then we stopped using wood altogether and switched to metal posts. For the record metal posts are soooo much faster than digging holes if you’re thinking about affordable DIY fencing I recommend that all the way.

stay at home mom blog, modern homemakers

Chasing bubbles…

Having this horse fence up has been life-changing. We can finally go outside without having to worry about kids running into the street. Or a big mean dog digging up my apple trees. Yes. That happened… TWICE!

how to reupholster outdoor cushions, modern homemakers, mom blog, upcycled cushions

This is the before and after of my outdoor cushions.

The fence being up changed everything. It  led to me clearing out all the garbage and reupholstering the ugly outdoor cushions. Click here if you want to see my DIY Outdoor Cushions. I’m now officially in love with the looks of my yard.

urban gardening, victory garden, growing kale, modern homemakers

Fresh healthy goodness.

I keep planting more stuff every day. But for now I’m getting lots of greens. What are you going to grow this year?

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