Juice Fast Day 8

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Juice Cleanse Dance party

Juice fast day 8, I made it a whole week dance party!  This has definitely been a week of ups and downs, but as this is no small accomplishment I wanted to take a moment to live in the moment and celebrate.  Go watch juice fast day 1 to see how far I’ve come!  What healthy choices are you going to make today?

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I made it through my first week!

Juice Fast Day 8


Day 8, I’m going on a Juice Fast. Because I’m sick of looking like this and feeling sick all the time. I want to look like I did before kids. I need to be healthy and alive for these guys. I did it I made it through my first week of my juice fast this is day 8 so we’re having a dance party! Keep up your juice fast.

Please subscribe to our youtube channel. You might also like how to make a piñata with cardboard. I’m not a doctor. This is just my juicing journey. You should always consult with a DR before making any radical changes to your health or diet.




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