Juice Fast Day 1

I’m going on a juice fast to get healthy. I’m not planning on looking at scales or setting a time limit. I don’t want to stop short of total cleansing/healing. This is Day 1 of many 🙂  Be warned, I show you what my belly looks like and it’s pretty shocking!

Juice Fast Day 1


Juice fast day 1 (joquena)

Day 1.  I’m going on a juice fast.  Because I’m sick of looking like this, and feeling sick all the time. I want to look like I did before kids.  I need to be healthy and alive for these guys.  Morning, day 1 of our juice fast.

Once again we did this like over a year ago but I was pregnant and I only kind of inserted juice into my day I still had raw and cooked food.  Anyway, I am feeling crappy again I don’t know if I’ll post this or not but come on in here just look at my mottled looking skin.

It was so pretty it was so smooth when we were doing all the juice .  And I am just sick of this and I’m even going to show the camera my ugly belly and I’m just sick of having this so it’s going away.  Please subscribe to our youtube channel.  You might also like how to make carrot juice.

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6 Comments on “Juice Fast Day 1

  1. Be strong, and stick with it. I KNOW your body can be healed and return to it’s normal weight with juicing and a plant based diet.

    • Thank you! My body has definitely been healing. I feel I’m experiencing less pain and more productivity each day. It’s definitely not easy though.

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