Crochet Cherry Tomatoes

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These are so fun you might get carried away!

Before I show you how to crochet cherry tomatoes I just want to give a warning that these are not meant for small children.  Anything that is small enough to fit down a roll of toilet paper should be considered a choking hazard.  So please be safe!

crochet food patterns

Play food is a great handmade gift.

These crochet cherry tomatoes are part of a larger series on how to crochet play food.  Check out these other parts:  crochet lettuce, and crochet onion.

Crochet Cherry Tomatoes

Crochet Pattern for Cherry Tomatoes

 Chain 3, join with a slip stitch

Ch 2, 4 DC in each of the 3 chains (12 total DC), join with a slip stitch

Ch 1, 1 sc in each space around, join with a slip stitch

ch 1, (1 SC, skip 1) all the way around until you reach a natural finish point.  Then join with a slip stitch, tie off and hide the thread.


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