Crochet Lettuce


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Your kiddos can bend this crochet lettuce and unlike plastic toys it won’t snap and break!

Here’s a free pattern for how to crochet lettuce… actually it’s more than just a free pattern it’s a video tutorial too. Just keep scrolling down to watch the video. I’m a bit of a health nut so I’m always a little annoyed when play food sets contain burgers and fries, pizza, and every dessert imaginable.

free crochet patterns

This crochet lettuce looks like little flowers 🙂

Here are some reason you should make your own play food:

  • Save money- this project only uses PENNIES worth of yarn.
  • Plastic Free – plastic is some scary stuff!
  • Healthy Play- you get to choose exactly what you want your kiddos playing with


how to make play food

Crochet salad

I’ve made an entire crochet salad.  Click here to see the other pieces.

Crochet Lettuce

Crochet Lettuce Pattern


You will need:

  • An H Crochet Hook
  • med weight green yarn

Ch 3, Join with a slip stitch

Chain 2, 3 double crochet in each space around (9 total DC)

Ch 2, (5 DC in next space, slip stitch in next space) x5

Tie off, and hide the thread.  Repeat until you have enough crochet lettuce to fill you play food bowl (at least).  

Have you ever made a toy for your child?  What was it? 

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