How To Carve Pumpkins With Little Kids

As I told you all in my article we really love Halloween. We’re big dorks, so we carved pumpkins even before we had kids!  But believe you me there’s a world of difference between adult pumpkin carving, and how to carve pumpkins with little kids.  You have to make them feel realy involved, while dealing with the fact that they’re not old enough to do most of the steps!

We bought our pumpkins earlier this year, while there was still good selection. I spent a little more money than I normally do, but let’s face it these pumpkins are huge! By the time we got the kids pumpkins (and my husband!) + the 4 pumpkins for me to cook with we couldn’t fit them all in the trunk of our tiny car. Fortunately my girls were more than happy to hold one of the smaller pumpkins on the short drive home. My husband wasn’t as lucky, I made him hold the huge box of zucchini and sweet potatoes that we also purchased from the road side stand!

So it was 3+ weeks to Halloween and we had our pumpkins… but we couldn’t carve them yet or they’d be rotten piles of mush by trick or treat time. My kids have asked every day “is it time to carve our pumpkins yet”. And every day I’ve had to say “NO!” But this weekend I had a different answer for them. “YES!!!”

You might as well face it, wherever you choose to carve your pumpkins it’s going to be messy. I like to use the same tried and true method my mother used for us. GARBAGE BAGS You cut holes for the head and arms, and voila disposable clothes protectors! If it’s too cold outside and you find yourself carving indoors I’d recommend opening up some paper grocery bags, or layering garbage bags to protect your floor. The fun bonus to carving inside is that you can play a Halloween movie while you’re carving!

 Here’s how to carve pumpkins with little kids in 6 easy steps!


 Step 1

We give the kids a plain piece of paper and they design their pumpkin for the year. WHATEVER they come up with, is of course beautiful, although sometimes we have to ask them to simplify their designs so Daddy can actually carve it without the whole thing caving in!





This year we skipped the garbage bags and just put on play clothes!


Step 2

Once their design is approved we cut open the top of the pumpkin and tell them to start scooping out guts. Don’t toss those guts they’re super yummy once salted and baked or dehydrated!



Step 3

Once the guts are all cleaned out they get to use a dry erase marker to draw their paper design on the actual pumpkin.


Step 4

Then we have them step back a good distance so they can watch daddy carve, but not get cut.  This is also a good time to squeeze in dinner for the kiddos!


Step 5

They get to put the candle in the mouth, but we don’t let them anywhere near the fire starter! Dollar stores are a great place to find little metal votive candles!

Step 6

Scoop up all the dirty garbage bags etc and toss. Mess over!

We light the candles every night before bedtime until Halloween. So fun. Then after we put the kids to bed Travis and I have a homedate while he carves HIS pumpkin. I was too sleepy this year thanks to being 9 months pregnant!  So we’re rescheduling our homedate for this weekend!  We’re going to do an “Evil Dead” marathon this year.  He puts a LOT of time into his pumpkin every year.  I’ll try to remember to add a picture of his pumpkin after our date.

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6 Comments on “How To Carve Pumpkins With Little Kids

  1. Very cute pumpkins. We haven’t tried carving with the kids yet. Maybe this is the year for it!!

    • You can always paint the pumpkins if the knives are too scary for the little guys!

  2. You guys have the best pumpkins every year. Sadly we didn’t have time to carve pumpkins this year. 🙁

    • If you don’t get my nieces and nephews pumpkins next year you can prepare yourself for a BIG lecture!

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