Drawstring Bag Pattern

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If you’ve been searching for free sewing patterns for beginners look no further!

Ready to learn how to sew a drawstring bag? This free drawstring bag pattern is a fast and easy project great for beginner sewers. I designed it to fit adults because we always seem to end up carrying the kids bags and I figured at least this way it would fit 🙂 Don’t worry it still looks great on my eight year old child. I have one that I use for my toddler as a gym bag, and although it looks oversized on him he still manages to carry it just fine, but I wouldn’t want to leave a small child unsupervised with the long straps because it could pose as a choking hazard!

Printing Instruction For Drawstring Bag Pattern

To print your free sewing pattern just click the link beneath each of the three photos of the pattern pieces. If you click on the picture itself, the pattern won’t be the right size, so make sure to print the actual pdf! I also highly recommend watching the youtube tutorial which offers step by step instructions before tackling this sewing project! There aren’t a lot of details on the pattern itself.

Drawstring Bag Sewing Pattern  -Piece A

pattern for drawstring bag

Click the link to the pdf below to print your free sewing pattern!

Pattern Piece A

Drawstring Bag Sewing Pattern -Piece B

free sewing patterns, modern homemakers

Click the link below to print pattern piece B

Pattern Piece B

Drawstring Bag Sewing Pattern -Piece C


free sewing patterns, drawstring bag pattern

Click on the link below to print pattern piece C of your drawstring bag pattern

Pattern Piece C


Special Tips:

If you’re fabric is thin, or you make your drawstring holes to big the knot might come out of the bag. If this happens you have multiple options! You can take precautions early on by doubling the amount of triangles sewn on the bottom corners. You can double or even triple knot your rope/ribbon on the end. Or you can hand stitch the opening closed a little tighter so there isn’t room for the knot to pass.

How To Make A Drawstring Bag (Part 1)


How To Make A Drawstring Bag (Part 2)

How To Make A Drawstring Bag (Part 3)

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