How To Flip Your Hair

I kept getting requests for how I style my hair, so here you go! Learning how to flip your hair is wonderfully handy for those days when you just don’t have time for a full shower but you still want to look nice.

How To Flip Your Hair – VIDEO TRANSCRIPT

Like my hair? I’m gonna show you how to flip your hair. Modern Homemakers intro and theme song. Encourage create thrive. Hello I’m Renee with Modern Homemakers and today I’m going to show you how you can flip your hair. This is a style I do a lot of time when my hair is not clean I don’t have time to take a shower and wash my hair. But I can do this real fast as I’m getting ready to run out the door.

So when you flip your hair if you have bangs I like to blow dry the bangs wet them down and blow dry them because when I use the curling iron on them they leave a little crease. So I’m going to use the blow dryer just for that and a curling iron, like a wide barrel curling iron. A little bit of hair product and a clip to keep some of the hair out of the way.

The round brush is just for my bangs and then a comb to section it. I like to use natural hair products. I’m kind of a natural freak I think it’s healthier for you to be free of chemicals. I like these LA style products. So my bangs are a little bit long, and actually my hair is dirty. So this is something that I do with my hair when I don’t have time to take a shower and blow dry it make it look really good.

Um, so I’m going to show you how to flip your hair which is a great thing to do and it’s pretty quick. SO I’m going to wet down my bangs. So you could use a curling iron instead, that would be faster. But it does leave that little bit of a crease you probably know what I’m talking about. Round brush, so once again if you don’t have bangs, you’re not even going to be doing this stuff.

Put a little bit of tension in there and that’s going to curl these up so that they’re not in my eyes. I really kind of need to get a, I need to trim them. Since I ah, I’ll do this for like a couple weeks before I get around to trimming them. That’s really loud. If they don’t end up looking good I just wet them and do it again. All right let’s see if that’s good enough. Yeah, that’s good enough. Ok and just kind of spread them out.

So notice how much short that made them look? They were like down touching my eyelashes they were bugging me so much. So then for the back, how to flip the back of your hair, we’re going to section here, oh I forgot something we’re going to put some hair product in first. So a little mouse or gel, either one and I’m going to kind of drag it through. Also going to put a little underneath and that’s just going to make the hair look a little thicker. The ends is important because that’ll make the curl lock in.

It’s important to have the right length of hair. If your hair is too long it won’t flip. So mine is just right at the shoulder or above the shoulder. Then we’re going to section that, about half of the hair. Just get that out of your way. Put it up here and this is so easy. This is something I do a lot. Get a little section of hair, curling and then hold it. You want to make sure that that end, that you’re going up instead of down with it, feel this and when the barrel gets hot to the touch then it’s done.

Notice how the end is sticking out a bit? I’m just gonna loosen up the barrel and pull those in. Otherwise you end up with the very end not being curled. And how high a temperature you need on your curling iron is just dependent on how thick your hair is. If you have really heavy course hair you’re going to need a higher temperature. So I always find a curling iron that has like a 1-30 setting rather than high medium low, that way you can get it exact temperature that you need.

I’m just gonna do that top part. You could do it just once. If I’m in a big hurry I don’t even section it I just curl it up you know the whole thing. I don’t section it in half. I also have this cool mirror that I got at Ikea, that I really like. So I can flip this out, and it was really cheap, I really like it. So I can see the back and you can make sure that you didn’t miss any spots. You might wanna pick one of those up. I need to get a new curling iron, this one keeps on turning itself off.

All right’s working good. Flip it up. Then I’ll just do, this part I don’t section it, I just do. Sometimes I put a l little product, because this is important, this is going to be the most visible area right in front. You can also use hairspray. All right so I ended up with a little bit that’s straight. So I’m just going to go back and just pick up that section and redo that spot. OK, so now it’s all curled, all you have to do is just finger comb. Flip! If you want to, if you want it to look fuller, then I’m gonna put my head down, so you can do like this if you want it to look like a fuller look.

Bring it back up, so that’s gonna add more lift to it if you want more life. Also you can spray it if you want it to lock in. This would look a lot nicer if I had washed my hair and blow dried it. But as you can see it’s a really easy style to do and it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into it and it really isn’t. So that’s how to style a flip. Work at home mom survival guide. From author Joquena Lomelino. Get your copy today. Available on

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