How To Make Pico De Gallo

If you’ve never made it you’ve absolutely got to learn how to make pico de gallo.  It’s so simple and so healthy, at least until you add in all those taco chips haha!

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – How To Make Pico De Gallo

Want to learn how to make pico? Modern Homemakers video intro and theme song. Hi I’m Renee from modern homemakers and today we’re going to learn how to make pico de gallo. I could just eat this whole bowl all by myself, yum. Does it make you jealous. Don’t you want some? To make pico de gallo you’re going to need cilantro, onion, tomatoes, optional salt and if you want it spicier you can throw in some jalapeno peppers or another kind of hot peppers.

When you buy a bunch of cilantro just take about half of it for your pico de gallo, so about half is all you’re gonna need unless you’re going to make a really big batch. You take the ends off so just kind of snap them off with your fingers. We want the leaves is what we want, this part is not very tasty. And it’s ok to have some of that in there. Like I’m not super meticulous about this so I’m going to snap down there but sometimes you’ll see these that I’ve torn off, some of them of the stem on there and that’s ok.

So then we’ve got that bunch with most of the stem removed. We’re gonna cut the half of an onion. So you could do this in the food processor but then it’s salsa. If you blend it in the food processor, so the pico is larger chunks and it’s cut up by hand. So after I do it in half then I do the dicing. This is actually just the other half of that onion because we’re having chili, so make sure you watch the how to make vegetarian chili video and you’ll see what happened to the other half of the onion. Pico goes really good with vegetarian chili. You could also maybe make some homemade guacamole. Yum, some cornbread is another thing that goes good with that meal.

We want this diced up kind of small since this is gonna be making our pico with it. Once I’ve gone through I’ll go through again just to make sure that my pieces of onion are small. I like a wooden cutting board. Some people like the ceramic, but ceramic really will dull your knives. So I prefer to use a wooden cutting board. Then we’re just gonna put all this in our bowl that we’ve got chopped.

Cilantro is kind of hard to cut, you have to get it, kind of bunch it up make it real tight and as tight and as small as you can. And make sure you’re watching what you’re doing. Just keep on gathering it in together and bunching it up small and chop it. I love the smell of cilantro. We’ve tried growing it, but it seems like we just haven’t had real good success. It looks well and it’s growing well and it’s producing well and then the next thing you know it’s bolted and then it’s all gone. So I don’t know if we’re doing something wrong with that of if it just has a short lived season. So I find that you can buy a bunch of it for 69 cents and that’s kind of what I’ve been doing. For right now I’ve given up on growing it.

After you make it through one time chopping it then I usually just go back again maybe just like this. Oh that smells so good. And then scrape that in there. And then last we’ve got the tomatoes. And this just depends on how much you want to make I’m going to do 4 or 5. Cut it in half, make sure you get rid of that little stem piece. A lot of people don’t do that. If you get, when you have pico out at a restaurant you’ll notice that a lot of times it has that little stem piece in there. So the same way, just cut it in strips, turn it on its end and cut it again, keep it small.

This doesn’t take long. This is something that tastes better after its been sitting in the refrigerator for awhile. So make it ahead of time. A lot of time I’ll make enough to last a couple days and it tastes great the next time all those flavors just kind of marinate together. I’ll probably leave this mild and not put a pepper in it this time for the kids. Or I might divide it in half and leave half of it mild and put a pepper in the other half of it. And we’re just gonna continue that for the five tomatoes.

I’m gonna put a little bit of salt in here. You do want to reduce your salt intake so I’m just going to just a little bit. Do use a high quality sea salt or don’t use any at all. So here is this is Himalayan salt or you can use the Celtic salt. And we’re gonna just kind of make it light. And we’ll mix all of that in. So that half onion was plenty. I don’t know sometimes you get this at the restaurant and it’s like all onion no tomato. Alright let’s see if it tastes good. Mmmh, perfect! So remember it tastes good now, it will taste even better after it’s been in the refrigerator for a few hours. Please subscribe to our youtube channel you might also enjoy gluten free cornbread.


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