Winter Gardening

These hoop houses fit perfectly over my 55 gallon raised beds!

These hoop houses fit perfectly over my 55 gallon raised beds!

So I’m not doing much gardening this winter because we decided we need a break after all the work of summer gardening. Because we live in zone 7 and we had already planted some plants (that should hopefully live through the winter) I have decided to clear out the beds which are full of dead plants and weeds. I’m going to try to keep my kale chard and onions alive if nothing else!



plastic barrel raised bed winter gardening

Here’s my harvest

I was super surprised to see some of the beds were loaded with the biggest and healthiest looking dandelions I had ever seen. I decided to go ahead and harvest them. These aren’t really my favorite green (they have a bitter taste) but they were in my organic raised bed and they had even been fertilized with the boogie brew. So I decided to harvest them with the rest of my greens and not pull them out for the winter and I’m curious to see if they can handle the drop in temperature as well.
Have you ever tried winter gardening where you live? If so what has worked for you any tips?

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4 Comments on “Winter Gardening

  1. My grandma used to harvest dandelion greens (from her un-manicured yard, heaven forbid they get that well-established in her garden!). She would ONLY pick them before the first blossom, after the winter. After that, they do get more bitter. I have the greens surfacing in my yard already, so I suspect that here (KS) we have about 1 month or less until blossom, maybe? Unfortunately, Dandelions, unfortunately, do not die off with winter; they just grow a more robust root!

    • A clarification: the greens have been up about 2 weeks; maybe as much as 2 more weeks until blossom…

      • What zone are you in? I was thrilled to realize that my green onions made it all winter even though I totally neglected them 🙂

    • I really wanted to be able to enjoy the flavor 🙁 I’ll have to try again this spring. If it worked in the first bloom for your grandma maybe that’s the difference between yummy and super bitter haha!

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