Brushing Dogs Teeth

Brushing dogs teeth is important so they don’t have stinky breath!


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – Brushing Dogs Teeth

Brushing dogs teeth is important because their mouth smells gross. Modern Homemakers Video intro and theme song. Hello I’m Renee with Modern Homemakers and today we’re learning about brushing dogs teeth. You’re going to need some doggie toothpaste don’t use your own toothpaste it has different flavors and different enzymes that are specifically for the dog.

Now I bought him a mint flavored toothpaste. One time I accidentally bought him a chicken flavored toothpaste. I’m a vegan and even if you eat meat I don’t think that you would have liked having your dog’s breath smell like chicken. So I recommend a minty or something like that. You need enzymes in the toothpaste.

So you’re also going to need a toothbrush and there are different ones that you can use. Here is one that you put on the end of your finger and you just put that in the end of the mouth and it’s got the bristles on the end of it. You can also get one like this that’s got a long handle so it would reach pretty far back in the mouth two different sizes.

Wizard has actually been trained to use electric toothbrushes. I don’t use those other two kinds any more because this does a great job it moves, if you can just get it in his mouth, I need to get some more toothpaste I’m almost out. And he actually loves the flavor of this, so he’s not gonna mind this at all.

So if you can just get it in his mouth it does all the work. Now with the enzyme toothpaste it’s important to use that because even if you don’t get it brushed, just getting it on those teeth, now look how good his teeth look. Now keep in mind he’s almost 13 years old. Now I’m going to show you the others if you don’t have that kind of toothbrush the most important area is to get on the outside. Or, with the one with the fingertip, and obviously you have to have a dog that is gentle. If you have a vicious dog you wouldn’t want to be putting your fingers in their mouth.

So either one of those, I try to brush his teeth at night. I don’t get it every single night, but I think he’s looking pretty good for his age. And if you’ve got your dog up close to you licking around you wouldn’t you rather that they have better smelling mouth, because you do know they smell rather nasty.

This also is going to help their health because if their mouth is not clean they’ll have different bacteria that can cause all kinds of things even heart conditions and all kind of illness because it’s going to get that bad bacteria into their whole bloodstream so it’s important to keep their mouth clean. Please subscribe to our youtube channel. You might also like how to dye your hair.


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