How To Cut Dogs Nails

Are you ready to learn how to cut dogs nails?

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – How To Cut Dogs Nails

Are you ready to learn how to cut dogs’ nails?  Modern Homemakers video intro and theme song.  Dog nails are really tough and hard, and also they’re shaped differently from a human’s nails so you can’t use the same clippers.  There are special clippers for doing a dog’s nail.  And it has a safety area when that’s slid through there that you don’t go too deep on the nail.

You’ll also need to file the nails afterward.  You can use a drimmel tool or something like this to file.  Or if you don’t have that that’s fine you can use an emery board.  So Wizard has been having his nails clipped since he’s a puppy and he’s going on 13 years old so we’ve been doing this awhile.  Generally he’s pretty good.

His nails are, most of them you can see are white so you can see that pink part underneath you don’t ever want to clip that far.  Now some of the nails are darker or black and your dog might have all dark nails.  You want to barricade them in where they can’t get out of the room and if you’ve got a second person to help than that’s great if you’ve got a second person to kind of corral him.  And sometimes I’ll come back to a nail, like if for some reason that one’s bothering him

So I’ll just go to the other side.  If like this one looks like it’s grown faster or I missed it last time or something, I’m gonna give it two clips because it looks really long.  You want to make sure you can see really well.  Good lighting, if you wear reading glasses put those on so you can see just what you’re doing.

So that little guard thing keeps it from going down real far.  Because if you go down to that pink area, they’ll bleed it’s pretty traumatic so you make sure that you’ve got that safety guard on and if you do it frequently, like I do his once a month, whenever he has his bath, so after he has his bath the nails are a little softer, like here’s where having that other person would be helpful.  If I just put my foot there he’s like stopping his wandering.

Ok the back nails do not grow as fast.  Ok I just did that one that he wasn’t wanting me to do.  I’ve got hime kind of trapped around the door here.  These don’t grow as fast so you might not have to do them every time but I’ll go ahead and do them today for the video.  They are, just like a human you know your toe nails don’t grow as fast as your fingernails, it’s that same thing.  Good we’re almost done!

So, I don’t have the money to go myself to get a pedicure, manicure I’m certainly not going to spend that money on my dog.  Yup if I was gonna do anyone it would be me.  Almost done just got two left.  Almost done, and like I said you can always come back later.  What I’m going to show you now is the filing because I don’t want to make this too long and boring.

So this is a tool that we bought and the toenail fits in there and it’s just gonna file off those rough edges.  So just like for you if you clipped your nails you would still want to also file them afterwards to make them smoother.  So it’s the same thing for a dog.  You can either do this, which he’s not being happy today , or, he’s not liking that sound so I’m just gonna do an emery board.  Usually he’s fine with that other thing.  This just keeps them from being rough they jump up on you just makes it a little more smooth.  It doesn’t take much.  Do that to all the nails, and then he’s done.  You just saved yourself some money and they get used to you doing it it’s actually less traumatic for your dog also if you’re the one who’s doing it. Because they know you.  He’s really pretty cold right now because he just had his bath too.  Oh that’s the other thing, when you do the nails after the bath they’re softer.  Dog nails are so hard that makes them a little bit easier to clip.

If you missed that video on how to give a dog a bath go ahead and watch that one first and then watch this one on clipping the nails.  Please subscribe to our youtube channel.  You might also like how to cut baby boy hair.

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