Juice Fast Day 17

fat sick and nearly dead juice fast

I can’t believe how much my face is changing!

It’s juice fast day 17 and I’m about ready to be done with this cleanse.

juice fasting testimonies

Maybe 30 is the new 20 🙂

Juice Fast Day 17


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – Juice Fast Day 17

Modern Homemakers theme song and intro, Day 17, I’m going on a juice fast, because I’m sick of looking like this, and feeling sick all the time, I want to look like I did before kids, I need to be healthy and alive for these guys, please subscribe to our youtube channel.

Day 17, I’m trying to figure out how long I’m going to go today. I was fine all day, and then I don’t know evenings seem to be hard for me. Probably touching everyone’s food, but I was touching food all day for everyone, I don’t know. Anyway trying to figure out how long. Definitely still have lots of productivity and lots of energy throughout the day, I mean I was on my feet all day did fine with that. I’m definitely moody tonight, moody, moody, moody. I don’t know what to do about that.

Trying to stay strong and not break, but I’m whiny and moody tonight. So, I went and grabbed some groceries and walked down all the aisles and stared at other people who were overweight and that kind of helped me keep going. Probably a horrible thing to admit to doing. But anyway, I was walking down all the aisles and looking at all the foods that can’t be a part of our diets anymore, and that was interesting too. Anyway, day 17 I’m going to keep it short. Today I’m just glad I continued. That’s it. Looking for yummy juice recipes? Spinach apple juice. I’m not a doctor. This is just my juicing journey. You should always consult with a DR before making any radical changes to your health or diet.


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