To Green Bean Or Not To Green Bean

My 1 year old is giving me the hardest time eating solid foods.  He’ll still eat baby food but I don’t want to have to blend up everything he eats into a smoothie.  Today I tried yet again to get him to eat green beans, but I decided to not cut it up into tiny pieces to see if that made it more exciting for him.  Well it was more exciting… but still unsuccessful!

To Green Bean Or Not To Green Bean

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2 Comments on “To Green Bean Or Not To Green Bean

  1. Hi there!

    Just wanted to leave a comment in case you didn’t know. Have you heard of Baby Led Weaning or Baby Led Solids? (It’s not really “weaning” as an American term). It just means that you feed your baby what you eat and you don’t have to make baby food/purees or buy them. It helps them learn about textures and you never have to switch them from puree to solid chunks of food. It worked for us and my 15 month old loves ALL food, green beans included! It’s frugal, efficient, less work, more nutritious and the research shows most likely your kid won’t be as picky about food.


    • I haven’t heard of it that sounds interesting. My older kids are great I make them it raw veggies and fruits every day… my toddler apparently takes after his daddy a little too much in regards to his dislike of green beans. Do you have a particular book that you read on the subject?

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