Crochet Orange

Here’s a free crochet orange pattern plus a video tutorial. Crochet food is great for imaginative play and this project is easy if you are just starting to learn to crochet. If you’re into the crochet fruit right now, you also might be interested in making these crochet cherries. There’s a video tutorial as well as a free pattern for them as well.

Crochet Orange

Crochet Orange pattern

With a G hook and orange yarn:

Chain 5, join loop with a slip stitch

Ch 2, work 3 half double crochets (HDC) in each of the 5 chains (15 total ) join with a s.t.

ch 2, 2 HDC in each space (30 total stitches) join with a slip stitch.

ch 2, 30 HDC, join with a slip stitch

ch 2, 30 HDC, join with a slip stitch

ch 2, 30 HDC, join with a slip stitch

ch 2, 30 HDC, join with a slip stitch

ch 2, (3 HDC, skip 1) x7, 2HDC, join with a slip stitch

ch 2, (4 HDC, skip 1) x4, 2 HDS, join with a slip stitch

ch 2 (1 HDC, skip 1) x9

ch 1, skip 1, sc1, skip 1, sc 1, skip 1, slip stitch in next space and tie off.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – crochet orange

Orange you glad I’m going to show you how to make an orange today? This is an easy crochet project it only uses a few stitches and it’s a free pattern so keep on watching. Modern Homemakers theme song/intro plays.

To make your crochet orange you need orange yarn, a piece of fabric about the size of your hand, scrap fabric or even dryer lint. You could use polyfil but that’s going to cost you money and you know that’s not my thing.

With your G Hook form a loop which if you want some more detail on that you can watch my how to crochet a chain video. We’re going to chain 5 and join to that first chain with a slip stitch. Grab some thread and go through both of those. Then we’re going to chain 2. now in each of those 5 spaces around we’re going to do 3 half double crochets. A half double crochet is kind of like a cross between a double crochet and a single crochet. So to make it we’re going to wrap around we’re going to go into this first space here and grab some thread and pull it back through at this point you have 3 loops on your hook. You’re going to wrap around and go through all 3 of those at once. So you can see it’s a little bit shorter than a DC, but it is a little bit taller than a SC. Do 3 half double crochets in each of those 5 spaces. all the way around.

Then we’re going to join to that first space, and chain 2, and work 2 half double crochets in each of those spaces and that’s going to give us 30 around. Make sure that you double check that you’ve got 30 half double crochets, you don’t want to mess up this early on, then go in and join with a slip stitch. And I’m going to chain 2, and it’s going to be very repetitive for the next few rows. we’re going to do 1 half double crochet in each space around which is going to be a total of 30 each time. Chain 2 and work one half double crochet in each space, I just wanted to take a moment and point out that as you go around it’s going to start to kind of turn in which is our ultimate goal I mean we’re going to be making a ball, an orange, anyway, so don’t freak out if it starts to curve in that’s why we didn’t add any increases, we wanted it to start coming in in a natural non-forced way. 29, 30, then we’re going to join with a slip stitch. And you guessed it the next row is exactly the same, so we’re going to chain 2, and wok 30 half double crochet all the way around. We’ve finished our 30 half double crochet and we’re going to join again with a slip stitch. And this is our last row that we’re going to do the same thing. So chain 2, and work thirty half double crochet all the way around.

Now that you’ve completed those 3 identical rows of the 30 half double crochets, you’re going to have to count a little more , so chain 2 and we’re going to work 3 half double crochet one in each space, then we’re going to skip one space, and you’re going to continue to repeat tat all the way around 7 times. So II’ve done the 3 hdc skip one 7 times, and the I’m going to do 2 half double crochet, and join back again. This next row we’re going to do chain 2, four half double crochet, skip one and repeat that 4 times, work 2 half double crochet, then join with a slip stitch. Now take the piece of fabric and stuff it with the fabric scraps, and ball it up and stuff it in the orange. Then we’re ready to do the next row. Chain 2, half double crochet, skip one, and do that 9 times. In this next row you don’t even have to count, we’re going to do a chain one, single crochet one, skip one until it ends in a nice way. How many you do is up to you, we don’t want a bump sticking out at the end that’s why I’m not going to tell you an exact amount. I’m actually going to stop at that point where I have 3 spaces left at the end , and I’m just going to go into the last one, grab some thread pull it though , cut off the thread, fuzz the ends and hide the yarn.


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