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Bleak House

If you’re looking for a good classic I suggest you go watch Charles Dickens “Bleak House”. It’s an instant view on Netflix so if you already have a membership that would be some “free” entertainment for you. If you don’t have Netflix you might be able to find it at your local library as it’s not new (2005). You can also rent it from amazon instant.

As a quick summary, (don’t worry I won’t ruin anything for you!)  Bleak House at it’s center is about a court case that goes on for generations.  As in generations of people have already died waiting to be awarded an inheritence that none of the MANY lawyers can agree on who it belongs to because of there being so many different versions of the will.  Don’t worry that’s not all that’s going on, there are multiple love stories and mysteries to keep you on clicking next episode when you really know you should turn off the TV and go to bed because the kids are going to be up way too early in the morning.

As a personal aside I couldn’t help but compare the surrounding and life situations of some of the secondary characters to my own.  One of the characters is a young orphan boy living on the streets.  His life is piteous indeed, and through him you see the underbelly of the city streets, people without homes, proper food, and in poor health.  I just  couldn’t help but be shocked by his plight when my children are warm, fed, and loved.  Yet how many children (and adults for that matter) also have as much, or more and do nothing but complain?  I really think we need to stop taking the basics for granted.  The basics being things like FOOD, SHELTER, etc.  Even living in a country where your “fortune” or lack thereof is in your own power to change because you don’t have to deal with a class system that labels you from the moment you’re born, well that’s huge.

Anyway, you’re either a BBC fan, or you aren’t… but I recommend you give Bleak House a try.  If you do give it at least 2 episodes so you’re fully hooked in the plot 🙂  What’s your favorite BBC production?

I haven’t read it yet, but now I’m considering reading Bleak House, and I’m sure your local library has it, or you could read it for free here:  just type Bleak House and it will pop up.  I believe they even have an audio book if you want to listen.

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