Snowflake Banner

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Snowflake Banner

The kids were getting restless so I had to think of something fun, and fast.  I decided why not try and make a snowflake banner.  The kids and I had loads of fun after I explained the process to them.  No one cut off any fingers and they even helped me pick up the million tiny pieces of paper.  The only downside is that 2 days later, they still keep sneaking the scissors to make MORE SNOWFLAKES!

paper snowflakes

This is an easy Christmas craft

You will need:

White copy paper


Ribbon or yarn (preferably white)


Snowflake Banner

Step 1:

Make a ton of snowflakes.  Make sure to have fun with your kiddos 🙂  If you don’t know how check out this video

Step 2:


Cut a strip of ribbon long enough to go across your doorway. Tape the ribbon to the wall.

Step 3:

Cut strips of ribbon of random lengths so that they hang doubled over the horizontal ribbon you taped up. Tie each strand. If you don’t tie on super tight you’ll be able to move them around a little if you want to tweak their positioning later.

Step 4:

Use small pieces of tape to attach the snowflakes to the ribbown. I let my kids make most of the snowflakes, and put most of them up and it still looks great. Consider this a child friendly craft because you can actually let them do it and still love the finished product haha!

Do you have any other easy ideas for holiday crafts?

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