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We encourage our kids to regift too!

Years ago my husband and I made the decision that our kids would not have nicer electronics than us. We felt that giving them better things set a precedent not only for now, but for when they grew up. In order to accomplish this goal we set about our now family tradition of regifting.

I know in a society bent on the latest newest thing this doesn’t sound very appealing, but let me tell you my kids are thrilled every time. This year we are regifting old iPods to our younger kids. Ya know those old large silver clunky ones that you probably have in your junk drawer. Just load them up with some Disney Channel songs and wah-lah you’re five your old will feel like a big kid.

Regifting isn’t limited to technology either. My daughters love when they receive a coveted necklace and little kids are thrilled to get toys that used to belong to their bigger sibs. In fact we encourage our kids to regift. We want them to know that a gift doesn’t mean it has to be something new.

In the land of landfills I think it’s good to evaluate how much stuff your kids really need. Yes we want to give them the best of everything, but aren’t they going to feel they have to keep up with that lifestyle as adults? A new iPhone today could mean they want only a new car or newly remodeled home later on which means a future built on debt. Make it a challenge and get creative. Give your kids gifts they’ll love at a price you can afford… free.

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4 Comments on “Regifting

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  2. How sweet, you can see how happy she is!, its a great idea, we don’t need to buy new thing all the time, kids just love gift, so do i, i think i am a big kid too, nicely wrapped and the thought that count most is the best gift, my babygirl is one i just love the joy she brings and i fall in love with her over and over again, everyday, its a nice feeling…love it

    • Ahhhh, I’m falling in love with your baby girl just hearing you talk about her 🙂 Kids are such a blessing and it’s so hard not to spoil them with a bunch of gifts we can’t afford! Regifting is fabulous, and I also love making gifts from scratch.

    • One is the best age for regifting. At that age they like the box better than the toy inside! 😉

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