Crochet Slippers Pattern

Here’s a crochet slippers pattern that I happen to love!  It’s a super easy version that my mom taught me way way way back in the day.  I’m aging myself too much here… I started crocheting like at age 10 so it seems like I’ve been playing with yarn forever.  I have attention span issues so if my fingers aren’t moving chances are my MIND is off in la la land.

Kid shoes can be so expensive.  Even if you are so fortunate as to buy a cheap pair for $5-$10 the money adds up (especially if you have multiple children)  Thanks to endless growth spurts kids don’t wear anything for long. 

If at all possible I reccomend that you make your own, buy used, and only buy if you really do need it.

Even if you have to buy yarn you can easily make this slippers for under $3.  Keep your eye open at garage sales and start building up a yarn stash.  Never pay top dollar.  Even weird colors that aren’t your favorites can be used in kids crafts.  Don’t forget to save the leftover fabric paint for another project!

Crochet Slippers Pattern

Here’s a link to how to make pom poms if you want to add those to your slippers too.

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