How To Make A Toy Car

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how to make a toy car

Here’s how to make a toy car just in time to make it as a homemade Christmas gift!  This is a great gift for toddlers or young children and it’s one you frugal moms should love because you can make it for free!  Talk about saving money.

homemade gifts how to make a toy car

How To Make A Toy Car

How To Make A Toy Car

Video Transcript: How To Make A Toy Car

Hello this is Joquena from Modern Homemakers, and I’ve been trying to come up with a project for months because I buy my children these baby foods here and they have this plastic cap on top and it’s been driving me crazy. Well I not only came up with one project, I came up with 2. So, go check out my other video “How to make a toy train” to see the other one. But, what I did, because I have a toddler is I came up with a cute little toy car.
To make this, this is a free project you just need scrap fabric, you can even cut up an old t-shirt. You need yarn, you need 4 baby food lids. If you don’t have these you could use large buttons but your car isn’t going to stand up. You need a creweling needle, and go to my website for the free pattern Stick around and I’ll show you how to make this free present.
Take your scrap fabric and this is kind of thin material so I’m going to cut 4 pieces of the train but you can just cut 2 if you have a more substantial fabric. So lay it out, pin it and cut your pieces. So you can see I’ve cut everything out and I’ve pinned my little windows. Make sure it looks good from both sides. Do a straight stitch around the windows and then a zig zag. Use thread that matches as close as possible for whatever you chose, but don’t go buy thread for a cheap project just make it work. Then snip all the little fraying threads.
Match up both sides of the toy car and pin a couple times around. Leave a space big enough for 2 of your fingers and go all the way around really close to the edge with a straight stitch. Maybe and 8th of an inch or a 4th of an inch. I don’t want to spend money on polyfil for a toy, so take some scraps of threads and fabrics and cut them up. Go in and stuff the toy car. Keep pushing your fingers in and packing it down until it’s nice and good. Stitch the opening closed and tie it off. As you can see this is possibly a free sewing project!
Now switch to a different color of thread to coordinate with whatever your wheels are. Figure out where you want your wheel to be and double up and knot your thread. Sew it on just like a button. Be careful. This is a choking hazard so make sure to secure it heavily! To make this toy even sturdier you could even use embroidery floss. So on and position all 4 wheels of your car.
You caught me playing with my kids car again! What we need next is a creweling needle, threaded with a coordinating yarn, and we’re going to give this a nice plush toy finish. Hopefully you’ve trimmed your threads already, I missed some. You might want a thimble because this can be hard on your fingers. Always from the same direction going in from the back and all the way around. What this is going to do is keep it from raveling and it’s just cute. Don’t pull it too tight but you want to go right next to the next stitch, do this all the way around your toy car. This is a great homemade present and I hope you enjoy!


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    • Thanks! I’ll take that as an especially high complement, seeing how you like me know what it’s like to stretch the money with our crafty ways. I was giggly a little bit ago because I was reading your bio, and my house is 73 years old so I feel ya! How we get any crafting done with things constantly breaking is beyond me!

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