How To Make A Batman Costume

How To Make  A Batman Costume

If you are interested in how to make a batman costume the first thing I recommend is that you buy a pattern for some sort of jumpsuit like this McCall’s pattern. 

If you don’t want to do that you could just use a long sleeve black shirt and black pants.  The important detail here is black on black on black  Batman is one sharp dresser.

How To Make A Batman Mask

To make the mask you could just sew some ear on a ski mask.  What I did was use one of my children’s hat as a pattern and cut a rectangle of black stretchy knit fabric large enough to go around their head and long enough to go past the neck and well beyond the head.   Then I stitched up the side seam.   Then I folded the top in half and made dart along two of the sides (not the side with the seam).  Then I stitched a semicircle curve from the side seam all the way across and then trimmed the fabric.  I cut ears out of cardboard, covered them with fabric and hand sewed them to the mask so I could position them properly.  I gently poked my daughter in the eyes to figure out the ideal spot for the eye holes. 

Please don’t cut the eye hole while your child is still wearing the mask!

To make the mouth imagine that you are cutting 3 sides of a square.  Cut along where you want the bottom of the mouth to be, and up both sides.  DO NOT CUT OFF THE TOP OF THE SQUARE!  I cut a small rectangle of cardboard the size of the fabric hanging from the mouth cutout.  Fold it in half so that you have the structured nose shape that makes batman look so cool.  Position the cardboard under the eyes and fold the hanging mouth hole fabric under and over it.  Then hand stitch the flap to keep the nose cardboard in place.  I also hand stitched around the eye and mouth holes so they didn’t stretch or fray over time.

How To Make Batman Weapons

I apologize in advance that i didn’t take pictures of my batman weapons making process.  But to sum it up, print off clip-art of the bat symbol (or draw your own).  Cut out and trace onto cardboard.  Tear duct tape into small pieces to go around all the angles, and voila you have a batarang.  To make the grappling gun I used clip-art to cut out a gun from card board again.  To make the gun 3d I wrapped a bunch of scrap yarn around and around it until it was the thickness I wanted.  Then I wrapped it with duct tape. 

To make the grappling hooks I cut 4 long strips of rectangular cardboard and covered them with duct tape.  I curved them and then duct taped them together.  I used some thin black elastic to attach the hooks to the gun.

How To Make A Utility Belt

To make the utility belt I cut a long rectangle of yellow fabric about a hand width longer then the circumference of my child’s waist.  Gotta leave room for growth with child’s costumes!  I sewed in Velcro at the loosest position, and then added in a few extra strips so that it will fit perfectly now too.  I hope this helps, but most importantly I hope you try to make something for your kids whether it’s this costume or something else!  It’s so much more fun when you make it.

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