Christmas Memory Game

Christmas is such a great time to set your work aside and just enjoy being together as a family.  I hope you have fun with this free printable Christmas memory game!  It’s adaptable to multiple ages.  For younger children only use one page of images or they will be overwhelmed.  These work best if printed on card-stock, but don’t let that stop you from having fun; they will still work on plain copy paper.  (don’t forget to print 2 copies)

I’m going to have to admit I get a little competitive with games.  I’m definitely not one of those nice parents that just lets their kids win haha!  I still fondly remember my Grandma letting me win at checkers, but I just can’t make myself do it!  The sad thing is that the older the get the less I win 🙁  I guess it’s only fair… cycle of life and all that. 

How to play Memory

 To play simply cut out cards, and shuffle them.  Turn them face-down on the table.  Take turns turning over 2 cards.  Use your noggin to try to remember where the matches are.  If you get a match you get to keep the two cards and go again.  If not, turn the cards back over and it’s the next person’s turn.  Have fun and blast some Christmas music while you play!

Christmas Memory Game – page 1

christmas memory game

click below to print free christmas memory game


Click here to print christmas memory game

Christmas Memory Game – page 2

christmas memory game
click below to print christmas memory game page 2

Click here to print Christmas memory game page 2

 Christmas Memory Game – back page


christmas memory game
click below to print christmas memory back side

Click here to print free Christmas memory back side

What games do you like to play with your family during the holidays?  I refuse to play Monopoly with my husband anymore!  He plays by the rules, won’t accept any of my house rules, and is so nitpicky you have to get out a calculator to figure out your mortgages.  And worst of all… he typically wins.

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