Thanksgiving Activities

I don’t know if it’s just my family but it takes us forever to sit down and actually eat the Thanksgiving meal. That means lots of BORED kids, so here are some fun Thanksgiving Activities I’ve put together to keep the kiddos (and therefor the adults) happy!  You might want to check out these other free printables:  Thanksgiving games – Turkey Land (it’s a printable board game, and Thanksgiving Coloring Pages.

Thanksgiving Placemat


click here to print THANKSGIVING PLACEMAT

This placemat is good for a range of ages.  Younger ones will draw all over the word searches, my youngest daughter treated it like a maze!  This is a great Thanksgiving activity for when they are sitting at the table waiting to eat, and afterwords because adults take so LONG to eat!

Thanksgiving Bingo 



 TURKY questions, answers, rules


Make sure to print all 3 pieces for the Thanksgiving Bingo!  This is a great activity if you have an adult or an older child who wants to draw from the cup.  If you have younger children who can’t read assign an older child or an adult to help them.  You could use candy corn as markers if you don’t want to do the game pieces.

Thanksgiving Movies

Disney’s Pocahontas is a great movie to watch on or near Thanksgiving. It’s great for the little guys.

Addams Family values might be considered a stretch as a Thanksgiving Movie, it does lean strongly towards a Halloween theme. But I have to admit that I love this movie and try I try to watch it every Thanksgiving. This is not a movie for young children, but your tweens should be giggling along with you.

My husband has made sure to pass on his love of Charlie Brown to our kiddos, so he’s a holiday staple in our household.




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