Grilled Cheese

I know what you are thinking, “Of course I know how to make grilled cheese”, it’s the most basic food for school lunches next to the pbj.  But did you know that thanks to the lovely art of batch cooking you can make mass quantities of grilled cheese sandwiches, freeze them and save yourself a bunch of time, mess, and money.

What you need:

  • Bread- if you don’t have to have gluten free bread go find a discount (day old) bread store in your area.  The kids won’t even notice.
  • butter (or a non dairy butter replacer like earth balance)
  • slice cheese (or veggie cheese)
  • a griddle or a large pan
  • lots of sandwich style ziploc

 How to make grilled cheese:

Warm your griddle. Butter 1 half of as many pieces of bread as you can fit. Don’t waste those heels, just put the heel facing the inside of the sandwich so it still gets nice and toasted.

Place a slice of cheese on every piece of bread.

Butter another slice of bread and put on top. 

Flip all the sandwiches as soon as they are as “brown” or “golden” as you like.

Pile up the sandwiches on a clean surface to cool.  Once cool put in sandwich baggies.  If your child only eats a half a sandwich this is your chance to cut in half.  Save those bread bags, because they’re the perfect way to store your grilled cheese.  Neatly load the bagged sandwiches into the bread bag and you won’t have to spend money on freezer safe bags.  Load up your freezer and stop messing up your kitchen every morning making school lunches., because now can just pull those out the night before and toss them in the fridge to thaw.  This is so much cheaper than buying school lunch or lunchables.

Don’t forget to throw in some raw veggies for a balanced lunch.  What do you like to store in your freezer?


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