Urban Farming

My husband and I have watched too many documentaries to not want to eat organic. We played the Whole Foods game for a few months but it was destroying our budget. I am super frugal and couldn’t bear to keep that up for long. So we decided to try our hand at urban farming.

We don’t have a huge yard. I think it’s a little shy of a quarter acre and I’m too lazy to go look it up. We live right next to a park so we decided to make it our goal to keep putting in raised beds until we don’t have to mow anymore. We’re now up to 5 raised beds and we’ve planted various berry and fruit bushes as well.

Everyone should be trying Urban Farming. Eating something you’ve grown is so fulflling.

We’re far from being the world’s best gardeners. Actually, we kind of stink at it. We kill about as many plants as survive. But it’s okay. We’re learning. I’d encourage you to plant something edible in your yard and if it lives GREAT. I read a survival book once that said something along the lines of “learn to garden now. It’s funny if you make a mistake and you can still go to the grocery store and buy food. It’s not funny if you’re depending on that food for your survival!

The best thing about our garden (next to the food) is the family fun that it provides. We got our kids their own shovels and gloves and they just love the freedom to dig in the yard. We even have a Mud Table (can you say messy!) which is a blast. The kids think they’re all sneaky when they eat all my berries. Meanwhile I’m thinking “why would I be mad that you just ate fresh raspberries and grapes?” Do you have anything planted in your yard? What would you like to plant?

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One Comment on “Urban Farming

  1. I am working on a garden plan for next season. This year it just got away from me so it didn’t happen. I totally know what you mean about documentaries “scaring” you to do organic. Although my youngest is super sensitive to fruit that isn’t organic and ends up with a burned bottom if she eats non organic fruits but as long as it’s organic no burned bottom!

    I am slowly easing my way into organics with organic juice and fruits and wishing the cost of organic milk would go DOWN because my kids go thru milk like crazy! I am even thinking about getting chickens so I don’t have to pay organic prices for those.

    PS I am loving all your tips! I am so glad I “stumbled” across your blog!

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