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I’ve been a parent for over 13 years, but didn’t start out like most Moms. All of my children are adopted and most of them adopted as older children. Learning about developmental milestones has always been a backwards practice for me. I never saw any of my kids take their first steps or say their first words and I never went to a Mommy and Me class. Well that was never until my latest “baby” came into my life.

My daughter Evangeline moved in right before she turned three. She’s the baby of the family, but not about to take a back seat when it comes to fun and activities. Seeing her big sisters in their lessons she wanted to be like them so I enrolled her in a gymnastics class. On the first day we arrived I was informed that this was a Mommy and Me class. Now please don’t judge me, I’ve never been accustomed to these types of Mom activities, but I was actually bummed. I wanted to sit in my little chair and wave to my daughter as she took her turn doing somersaults. Remember I have six kids and lessons are my time to relax and take a break. Honestly, had I known there was adult participation required I probably wouldn’t have signed up… but I’m glad I did.

At the first class my daughter was a little shy and timid, but by the third class there was no holding her back. She would run on the balance beam, swing on the rings then flip over the parallel bars. She enjoyed the power she had to decide what activities she wanted to try and loved even more telling Mommy to “Hurry Up.” I got to watch her conquer her fears and acquire new skills. To see her learn to wait her turn and to interact with her peers. But ultimately to bond with her in a way that would not have happened without this class.

At every class the kids took turns jumping on the big trampoline while the parents sat around them singing the ABC’s. When it came to Evangline’s turn she would jump with a giant smile on her face then look directly at me and shout “MOMMY I LOVE YOU!” Her happiness couldn’t be contained and after that moment neither could mine. In that moment I “got it” why Mom’s sign up for swimming lessons with their babies and Mommy and Me Yoga. It’s not in the hopes to create a child prodigy or to show off that their baby is better than everyone else’s, but to bond with their child in a fun structured environment. If you have a younger child I urge you to spend the money and take your child to at least one Mommy and Me Class. I wish I could’ve had the experience with all of my children.

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4 Comments on “Mommy and Me Class

  1. I wish I could afford to take my kids to more lessons! I’m taking both my girls to swimming lessons at the Y this year (2nd year for the eldest) and it’s almost a $100 and that’s just for 1 week. Being poor can be super annoying sometimes, but then again I’m a hermit and probably wouldn’t want to go to nonstop lessons anyway.

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