Father’s Day Ideas

Last night I escaped to Target after the baby went to bed. My husband was happy to put our oldest to bed and relax while. A friend had mentioned Target had many kid’s clothing on clearance and I needed some items for an upcoming trip, so off I went to look around. While there, I was reminded that Father’s Day is on Sunday. Am I correct in saying that usually the dads don’t get equal treatment in this holiday? I think we mothers expect the full treatment on our day and think the dads won’t care as much about their day. This year I want my kid’s Dad to feel super special. He has juggled a lot and has not neglected to spend quality time with his kiddos. He deserves to feel loved on Sunday. A few ideas have been dancing around in my head, but no real plan or purchase has been to action. While pushing my cart, that was accumulating more items that I went in for, (how does that happen?) I kept looking around hoping that a Father’s Day item would jump out at me. Then it dawned on me, why was I searching for “stuff” when there are so many other practical things my husband would appreciate? Yes, there are some items he would love for the backyard and his office, but I knew the thing that would make him even happier. Having an organized shed!!

This is embarrassing, but this is our shed in it's current state!
















We had a shed built in our backyard almost a year and half ago and it has yet to be organized. Many things have put it low on the list: A new baby, job promotion, and new outdoor projects like a brick patio and garden. How in the world did we manage those backyard projects without an organized shed? Well, with tripping over sharp objects, and constantly looking for gardening gloves, strollers, baseballs, sand toys and numerous other items. Now, would he appreciate it more if I organized it for him? Or perhaps he would prefer to have the opportunity to boss me around? Would my type A hubby appreciate it more if I gave him the freedom to have an afternoon to himself to organize it according to his plan? Or would he like to develop the plan and tell me what to do? I think B.  He would like the shed organized to his plan with a women’s touch. Well, I certainly have my work cut out for me (see above).

After thinking of the shed make-over present, I thought of many other items that my husband even or other dad’s would appreciate. Some of these ideas could be family outings while others are more “dad-only”.  We will have to revisit this list in a few years once I am done organizing the shed!

 15 Father’s Day Ideas

  1. A few uninterrupted hours to read a good book
  2. A pedicure (No, I am not talking about painting your hubby’s toenails. A nice scrub of the feet, massage, and trimming of the nails will suffice.)
  3. A movie of his choice as a family or on his own
  4. Afternoon bike ride with the family
  5. Dad’s favorite meal night—served restaurant style by the kids.
  6. Time to play video games
  7. Tickets to a local sporting event (great dad-son or dad-daughter bonding time)
  8. Tickets to a concert or play (see above) or check out what free summer concerts are available in your area. We LOVE free summer concerts.
  9. Picnic in the park-bring the frisbee along
  10. A round of miniature golf or big golf!
  11. An afternoon of fishing
  12. A long nap! (Would love that myself)
  13. Trip to Home depot with gift card
  14. Time to go to a coffee shop and bookstore
  15. Time to play instrument


I see a theme here….TIME. Time to give them to do something they don’t get to do often.

What are some of your ideas for Father’s Day?

Now that I have my husband covered, onto my Dad and Dad-in-law who are equally great dads.


Have a GREAT weekend!


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One Comment on “Father’s Day Ideas

  1. I know my hubby is always grateful for some alone time! Often he just wants to unwind and maybe read a little. We live in a small town so I typically just tell him to go get a coffee somewhere. I think it’s important for all of us parents to get away and not just on holidays.

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