Review- The Beatles’ Rain

In almost 8 years of marriage I’ve never been able to interest my husband in a single theatre production. So when he told me he wanted to see the Beatle’s Rain there was no way I was telling him no.  We’re the classic example of opposites attract.  He’s Mr. Heavy metal & screaming guitars… while I prefer the “Cranberries” or Damien Rice.  We only agree on a few bands:  The Beatles, Queen, and tATu.  Our budget is tight so we were in the nosebleed section.. but our friend made a great point when he said

Being this high up just makes them look even more like the Beatles!

We realized pretty quickly that we were on the young end of the viewers spectrum.  Most of the crowd was in their 60’s.  The Beatles songs were interspersed with footage from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s that gave me a whole new appreciation for the social climate the songs were originally penned in.  With 3 kids it was pretty nice to feel young again.  This was the ultimate people watching experience.  This show had audience participation like I’ve never seen before.   They were dancing, singing, and arm waving as they fondly relived their youth. 

This was a family friendly show and if tickets weren’t so expensive and my kids were a little older I would have happily taken them with me. My only regret is that we went on the last night and I couldn’t make my parents go too! Are there any plays or shows that you’d recommend?

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2 Comments on “Review- The Beatles’ Rain

  1. Sounds like a fun show. We’ll have to go see it if it comes to Los Angeles.

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