Non-Plastic Banana Storage

I sent my husband to the grocery store today with all three kids. Call me evil but I was secretly rejoicing in the fact that I knew he would have an awful shopping experience! Let’s face it; shopping with all the kids is never fun. They press buttons and lose the total on your calculator, they run off when you’re trying to lift heavy items, they talk to you when you’re trying to read the list of ingredients, they put items in the cart when you aren’t looking, and inevitably someone will have a crying meltdown or have to go potty by the time you get to the checkout.

Knowing all these things I couldn’t blame him for getting a little carried away. He got 4 boxes of cereal when that’s a rare treat. The purchase of 5 loaves of bread was understandable because when the kids are misbehaving you just start throwing things in the cart! But when he came back with 10 bunches of bananas it threw me for a loop. His reasons were good, organic bananas were only 10 cents more at Kroger. But when I buy large amounts of food I have a plan for it. I’ve purchased this many bananas before, but it was to make dehydrated banana chips (which are amazing by the way). But my dehydrator was already filled with tomatoes. I panicked for a few minutes because I’m trying to stop putting food in plastic bags

I watch a lot of documentaries and if you hadn’t heard yet, plastic is pretty scary!

Then I came up with a simple solution.  I removed the peels and placed the bananas in a glass casserole dish with a rubber lid. Simple! I’ve grown so used to using Ziplocs for everything. Now I can pull out as many bananas as I want to make smoothies, banana bread, baby food, and whatever else I feel like making., voila non-plastic banana storage.   Having a full freezer and pantry is a great way to save money because you are never out of food.  You can always make something which cuts down on impulse shopping, and frequent trips to the store for forgotten items.

Do you have any other ways that you store foods to avoid plastic?


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3 Comments on “Non-Plastic Banana Storage

  1. I hate how dependent I am on plastic. I use frozen bananas all the time for smoothies and as a thickener to protein shakes. Now I want to make some banana bread. 🙂

  2. I have a freezer full of peeled banana’s (learned the hard way to peel ’em first because they get NASTY if you leave the peel on and get a biter taste – GROSS!). I use them for making banana icecream in my food processor (cut frozen banana, mix in processor add a touch of milk and viola banana icecream!).

    I also like to have a frozen banana on a hot day instead of a popsicle.

    • I’d never considered just eating the frozen banana without doing anything to it. It’s so hot right now I’m sure that will be a big hit with the kiddos! Thanks for sharing us moms have to stick together haha!

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