12 Ways To Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day

I may seem ungrateful for already having a day dedicated to me, but I feel there should be a weekly or at the very least monthly celebration for mothers. Let’s be honest, we deserve it. We seldom take much needed breaks in our overly demanding job as moms. If you’re like me you feel guilty for carving out time for some much needed R & R.

My advice, this Mother’s Day is to do at least one thing for yourself. Take the challenge to do one thing a month every month this year. Let Mother’s Day be more than one day. Have another Mom be your accountability partner and take the challenge together. You’ll be a better Mommy when you remember to take care of you.


12 Ways To Treat Yourself This Year

1. Buy a New Outfit

2. Get a Professional Mani / Pedi

3. Get a Massage

4. Take A Long Bath

5. Go To Lunch With A Girlfriend

6. Read A Fun New Book

7. Watch A Movie By Yourself

8. Buy Yourself Flowers

9. Have An Alone Day At Home

10. Find A New Perfume

11. Get Your Favorite Carry-Out Food

12. Order Something Online You’ve Been Hoping for.

*Even if your finances won’t allow monthly splurges you can still make yourself feel special. Paint your own nails. Grow some flowers. Put the kids to bed early and watch an old movie. The important thing here is to pamper yourself.

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4 Comments on “12 Ways To Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day

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  2. I chose to “cancel” mother’s day this year. I went to church and did all the family stuff in the morning… and then I went out and got myself a romance novel, handed my husband the baby (and the 5 & 7 year old) and said I only wanted to see him when it was time to nurse the baby. What a great mother’s day 🙂

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