Mirror Mirror Review

I gave into the begging of my two tween daughters and took them to see Mirror Mirror. Overly informed with negative reviews I prepared myself for an hour and a half of sheer torture. I know I sound overly dramatic but as a screenwriter it’s even more painful to watch a bad film because not only did I pay for an awful experience, I feel could’ve written something better. If you’re worried I’m going to complain please wait… I’m not. My review of Mirror Mirror is a happy tale.

In Hollywood I have learned that no one here seems to understand what parents are looking for in movies geared toward their children. Family friendly films are often written, produced and directed by people who have no family (or family values) of their own. I must exclude Pixar from that statement. Over and over again I cringe while watching movies with my kids. Don’t get me wrong I love crude humor (huge Will Ferrel fan) just not for my impressionable kids.

The overly harsh reviews of Mirror Mirror are completely unfair. It’s a family movie. Good clean and silly entertainment. The story of Snow White with some creative license as to the characters. I frequently glanced over to see the giggling faces of my daughters. You can’t help but laugh at the stooge worthy antics of the seven dwarves.

Julia Roberts was beautiful and creepy. Her costumes were amazing. The girls in the audience all swooned over the handsome prince played by Armie Hammer. Snow White herself turns out to be one tough cookie a far cry from the 1937 Disney classic. As a Mom in the new millennium I like a little female empowerment being modeled for my daughters.

Laughs and snickers filled the audience throughout the entire film and when it was over everyone clapped. Go figure. Just goes to show that listening to negative reviews should be warned against just like telling your kids not to listen to gossip. If you love fairy tale farce movies like “Ella Enchanted” or “Sydney White” you will definitely enjoy this film. If you want to tell Hollywood to please make more movies like this for our kids go see this film. But mostly if you have a tween daughter you want to bond with go see this film.

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