Easy Mashed Potato Casserole

This is a SUPER easy mashed potato casserole recipe.  It’s for that night when if you had the money you’d be listening for the sound of the pizza delivery man knocking on the door.  Not only is it cheaper than delivery food… it’s cheap period!  This is a pantry based meal so you should have most of this on hand (hopefully).  If not I urge you to stock that pantry… life is always better with pantry full of essentials like CHOCOLATE CHIPS!


3 cups mashed potatoes (seasoned with a little butter, salt, & pepper)

1 can corn (drained)

1 can carrots (drained)

2 cans green beans (drained)

1 jar spaghetti sauce

2+ cups shredded cheddar or muenster cheese (optional)


Turn your oven on to 350 so it can start heating up.  In an 11/13 casserole pan mix the spaghetti sauce with the canned veggies.  Spread the 3 cups of mashed potatoes over the top evenly.  If you’re using cheese spread that over the top as well.  Everything you’re using has already been cooked, so you’re basically just reheating.  I’d recommend at least 20-30 min in the oven so your cheese can melt, but it’s ready to eat as soon as everything is warm.  Enjoy!  This meal can easily be made with organic ingredients it will just cost more.

I strongly reccomend batchcooking this recipe and freezing the extra pans.  You can take it out of the freezer the night before and put it in the fridge to thaw.  Just heat at 350 until it’s warm if you stick a fork all the way through it.

This is a vegetarian recipe which makes it a frugal meal. I’d recommend serving it with a nice fresh salad and some buttered bread. Put your leftovers straight into individual glass containers and you can enjoy some healthy T.V. dinners.

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2 Comments on “Easy Mashed Potato Casserole

  1. I love how easy this is. I need some new ideas for freezer meals. There are more nights of the week that we eat out than I want for my family. I need to get my freezer full so we can eat healthier and save money.

    • My hubby and I made a goal this month to have groceries on hand to make fast “unspectacular” meals. These may not be the healthiest or tastiest… but it keeps us from eating out which isn’t necessarily healthy either!

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