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Spring is almost here. I don’t know about your household but spring is when we start to work on outdoor projects like landscaping and gardening. We love being outside together as a family. In January we usually make a wish list of what we would like to do during spring and summer. We also make a budget so we do not go overboard. Sprucing up the yard costs money, but it doesn’t have to cost much. If you plan well and are strategic about it you can make your yard look like a million bucks without having to fork it out.

Ways to Save Money on Landscaping:

  • Go to local co-op nurseries to find discounted plants, trees, flowers and bushes.
  • Tell neighbors and friends what you are looking for and ask them to keep an eye out for people giving plants away or places that have them for free or close to it. And of course, do the same for them. Our close friends live in a new sub-division that had some pretty ornamental grasses that the builders were going to bull doze over. Since our friend knew we might be interested in them he asked if he could have them. The foreman said yes! We took two trips and used a lot of manpower (actually women power since my husband threw his back out) to dig them up and move them to our back yard. Thank you, sweet friends, for thinking of us. This completes our new patio.
  • There is no need to pay for expensive gardening workshops. Find friends and neighbors that have green thumbs and learn from them. Ask questions such as where they find their mulch, soil, plants, etc.
  • Make friends with employees in the garden center of home improvement stores. Many times they can help you find you good deals and help you with your landscaping or gardening project. My husband has some good buddies at our local Home Depot. They informed him that if you go on Wednesdays you can get ripped bags of mulch for $5 per palate. This is about $70- 80 dollars of mulch. They do not want open bags of mulch because it can attract termites. If no one buys it, it goes into the trash. We bought 60 bags last year for $30!!!
  • When looking for pavers, bricks, etc. check Craigslist and reclaimed goods stores such as Habitat for Humanity Home store. Other people’s trash can be the treasure you are looking for. We found 1400 solid clay pavers (the real thick ones that are hard to find today) for $300. This is about a ¼ of the price, if not less. This made our patio project possible.

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  1. My hubby’s Grandma gave me Iris bulbs a couple of years ago. She was cleaning out her garden area and had more than she needed. They come back every year and they’re beautiful. They also seem way thicker than when i put them in so I think they’re multiplying… I guess I’ll have to share with someone else now!

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