Garden = Cheap Organics

I by no means claim to be an expert on gardening. I feel strongly, however, that everyone could benefit from growing some of their own food. We’ve been trying to eat as much organic food as possible the past few months. But it’s KILLING my budget.
I used to shop at ALDI, feeding all of us for $300-400 a month (or less when necessary). This was including entertaining and sending extra treats to school and work. I also used this money to make sure I always have a full pantry to draw from. Thanks to Whole Foods my grocery bill is now closer to $1000 a month… and we just can’t justify that forever.
I’ve always been interested in gardening in the past. In fact I’ve tried to garden multiple times but my back yard is clay and rock and nothing would “thrive”. So last year I decided to stop torturing myself and spend the money to make sure I wasn’t planting things just to “enjoy” watching them shrivel up and die!
This Garden Girl video was one of scores of Youtube videos I watched. I loved how simple and concise she made the process. She even mentions having the lumber yard make the cuts for you. My husband and I try to use saws as little as possible (because they’re scary) so we were thrilled when Lowes made the cuts for us for free. We stood back far enough to be safe and let the kids enjoy the process too.

We used longer boards for 2 of the sides to make a bigger raised bed and it was SUPER heavy. So I recommend that you put the screws in after you have it where you want it. We also put cardboard down before we added the dirt so we wouldn’t have to weed much for the first year or so. If you’re interested in the money part, like I always am, we spent $120 on the wood and the dirt for 1 raised bed. Trust me it’s a great investment. Does anyone else have ideas for how to get cheap organic food?

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2 Comments on “Garden = Cheap Organics

  1. Can’t wait to see all of the produce we harvest from our backyard gardens. Just this week I cut some lettuce off for a salad. This was very satisfying and super fresh. Now that is what you call, “local organic produce.” Can’t get more local than your backyard!!!

    • I’m jealous! I have Kale but no lettuce yet 🙁 I waited too late to plant so cross your fingers for me EVER having lettuce!

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