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I Hate Shopping For Clothes, Who’s With Me? Hello?!?!

I know it’s not normal to be a woman and hate shopping, but I do. I swear I go through the five stages of grief every time I have to go clothes shopping.

 1) Shock and Denial. I’m a size what? Where did that curve come from? I must be experiencing some temporary water weight gain.

 2) Pain and Guilt. Yeah I guess I have been eating a lot of pizza lately. Stupid me! Stupid pizza!

3) Anger and Bargaining. Why can’t these idiot designers make pants for a normal person? Okay look, if I can squeeze into these pants I will start jogging everyday, I promise.

4) Depression, Rejection, Loneliness. Nobody else has this much trouble finding clothes. My body hates me. I’m gonna stay this size forever… if I’m lucky.

5) Acceptance. Okay I know how to handle this now. Next time – STAY HOME!

If I didn’t live in Los Angeles, California where fashion is a way of life I would just wear clothes until they literally rot off my body. And I’d tell my kids the same, “Honey there’s no need for concern with a crotch in those pants, that hole is regulation size.” But my disdain for shopping has obviously grown since becoming a mother. Now for the family I try to get all the shopping done in a weekend. “Let’s go kids we’re going to twelve stores tonight and WE ARE NOT coming home without a full wardrobe.”

As for myself, avoidance is still my primary strategy. And while I avoid shopping my survival tactics for staying in PJ’s all day or wearing that “oh so comfy outfit” that would top the “What Was She Thinking Fashion List” includes:

• Hiding out at home

• Staying in the car for the school pick up line

• Send out for pizza (which of course contributes to the hatred of shopping)

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2 Comments on “Clothes Shopping

  1. Shopping, shopping, shopping. I am with you. I like the end product but I loathe trying on clothes and I can never find anything that fits. Pants are always too long and capris look like ankle length! There are a few items I need and I am not too excited to go out to find them because I know it will be a LONG adventure.

  2. Oh I feel your pain! I really gained the weight with the last three and steroid treatments hasn’t helped with the shedding of those pounds. Ugh. I’ve always made clothes for the kids, but never thought of doing it for me, so I’m branching out. That experience? Great! I’m wearing the first top I can actually be happy about in over a year, and I made it!

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