Valentine’s Day and Food Allergies

Parents of children with food allergies usually cringe when a holiday is close. This means baking separate allergy-free treats for your child, searching for candy they can eat, and finding alternatives to food to make the day fun. Don’t let Valentine’s Day get you anxious. Here are some tips and resources to help you and your child feel loved next week.

One of my valentines

Scenario: Your child comes home with a bunch of candy from school and is excited to eat it. You have no clue what is in the candy.Look carefully at the ingredient labels to make sure before giving the candy to your child. There are hidden ingredients you wouldn’t think about that are in candy. Talk with your child before going to school and emphasize how important it is that they DO NOT eat any candy or treats without asking mom, dad, or an approved person (someone that knows clearly what your child can and cannot eat). For more information, here is a handy list that Allison from Sure Foods Living posted on her blog over Halloween last year.

School Parties
If your child is in school, talk with their teachers to see what is planned for the day. Many schools have parties with food. If there will be cupcakes, candy, treats, etc. make sure your child has something they can eat. AND make sure it will be yummy! Most kids with allergies understand they can’t have what everyone else is having. They will be happy to have a treat to eat! I make a batch of cupcakes, cookies, or brownies and freeze them in individual portions. This is convenient for birthdays, class parties, etc. Also, this is very handy for those spur of the moment or impromptu celebrations. The last thing you want to happen is to get a call about a last minute get together and not have anything for your little one to eat.

I made these gluten and dairy-free cupcakes for my son's class Halloween party.

Does EVERY holiday have to be about food? Seems to be a big part of it, right? Since food allergies have appeared in our family, we have tried to shift the focus onto other things.

Why are we celebrating this holiday? Go to the library and check out books about Valentine’s Day. Watch a movie or show that is Valentine themed.



Instead of focusing on chocolate and sweets get your craft on.

Some Favorite Valentine Craft Ideas

button covers  I totally would have rocked these in elementary school with my boring uniform shirt.
window heart decoration
so pretty!
crayon hearts
These are gorgeous..seriously melt my heart! LOVE WhipperBerrys photography.
pencil toppers

stained glass card

Attach these items to your child’s valentines as an alternative to candy:

  • mini-coloring books
  • silly bands
  • slap bracelets (popular when I was a kid)
  • crayons – Do you have broken crayons? Don’t toss them. Recycle them by making the crayon hearts above.
  • temporary (duh!) tattoos
  • stickers
  • pencils
  • small toy
  • bouncy ball (we all need more bouncy balls in our life!)

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope it is filled with lots of love!!

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2 Comments on “Valentine’s Day and Food Allergies

  1. I sent little heart bracelets with my girls’ valentine. Too much candy! I’m so glad you’re sending something with him so he doesn’t miss out on the fun.

  2. How cute are those cupcakes? I can’t imagine how much time it must take to meet all of your son’s allergy needs, but know that you’re doing a great job. It seriously sounds like a full time job. And you make sure that he doesn’t miss out on things his friends get to do… so important. Mom of the year award goes to you. 🙂

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