Going to the Zoo!

We’re Going to the Zoo!
“We’re going to the zoo-zoo-zoo, how about you-you-you??” If you don’t know this song, you are probably thinking I have lost my marbles. My mom, who was an early childhood teacher for years, would sing this song to us growing up, especially when we would go to the zoo. And, of course, I sing it to our children now. Our family loves to go the zoo. We have been to our local zoo many times and it never gets old. Some days the gibbons holler like crazy, other days the zebras are front and center, and we always like watching the meerkats crawl around their maze- like habitat.  In addition to animals, there is the playground and carousel, which my son LOVES. One thing I love doing at the zoo is taking pictures of the animals (and now my children with the animals). There is always something going on at the zoo.

Soon after our first trip to the zoo, we decided that getting a membership makes sense. Our family loves to do things outdoors so we knew we would be back more throughout the year.  Financially it makes sense as well. It pretty much pays for itself in two visits. There are days we decide on a whim to go to the zoo and run errands in the same proximity. For us, it is a nice “getaway”. Since we have a membership we don’t feel guilty for popping in for an hour or so. Let’s admit, all day at the zoo with kids is EXHAUSTING. We usually pick one area of the zoo (say elephants and giraffes) and then have a picnic with a packed lunch from home. We don’t feel pressured to see EVERYTHING because we can come back anytime to see more animals and other areas.

Of course, a membership would only make sense for you if you plan on going to the zoo multiple times or if the zoo is close enough to where you live. Another perk of our zoo membership is that there are reciprocal zoos and aquariums around the states that we can go to for free or for a discounted rate. When we visit my parents, out of state, we can go to the zoo with them for FREE. I like free. I always look into what reciprocal zoos or aquariums we can visit when travelling to another city. When going on a family trip spending can add up quickly so knowing that one activity would be free or close to it is a relief!

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2 Comments on “Going to the Zoo!

  1. We just broke down and bought our first zoo membership. With our LARGE family it paid for itself in the first visit. I was SO HAPPY to only stay a few hours and get everyone back by nap time. (including mommy) Now we can go again and again and not make it a miserable all day ordeal. Spend the money, it’s worth it!

  2. We don’t have a lot of money for “entertainment” so it’s basically the zoo membership and library fines. It’s worth every penny! I always like to stop by the dollar store before we go and I buy a few bucks worth of zoo themed items like coloring books, stuffed animals, and toys. This helps me not feel pressured to buy any of the super expensive stuff they have for sale. I shove it all in the bottom of the double stroller and wow my husband with how much money the same stuff would have cost from the zoo gift shop 🙂

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