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I seem to be on a drama kick lately. And yes, I’m doing a review of a rental. We’re moms, we’re lucky if we get to watch a rental from beginning to end let alone a full blown movie in the theater with popcorn and the babysitter not calling to interrupt.

Let’s be clear, I am not a fan of country music (even though I did live in Nashville for 5 years). I have been known to sing along with the occasional Taylor Swift poppy princess country song when my eleven year old plays them in the minivan. I’m not such a fan of all the steel guitars and twang howling my grandma loves. To me, that’s country. That being said, Country Strong has some amazing songs and I’m thinking of getting the soundtrack if only for the song “Give Into Me.” Add it to your in-the-mood music list.

Country Strong has a 22% critics and 54% audience Rotten Tomatoes rating. Not so great. So, why did I rent it? I knew it was a movie about a troubled country music star and that’s about it. NO SPOILERS HERE. (I hate those people)

Music has always been a part of my life. In my years of playing music and working in film/TV I’ve met a lot of people that fit the “troubled” description. My music career wasn’t so angst driven partly due to the fact that I had kids in tow. I played music for the love of music. (BTW kids and rock-n-roll DON’T MIX). That is what this story is about, the rise and cost of fame. These musings are why I related to one of the characters in the film who says a beautiful line I just can’t get out of my head.

“Love and fame can’t live in the same place.”

These characters are all confused, searching and make you glad that it’s not your life. I think the storyline about the troubled marriage is another thing that drew me into this movie. I have several friends that have gotten divorced after a traumatic experience that they couldn’t work through together. This film does an excellent job portraying the pain in the couple’s lack of connection.

Maybe it was the reminiscing of playing live, or maybe it was the PMS, but I really enjoyed this movie.  If you want a little tug at your heartstrings or maybe even to let out a few tears then this is a pretty safe bet. If you want to make sure you have a good cry then wait til you’re having your “monthly visitor” before you rent it.

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2 Comments on “Country Strong – Review

  1. You know I can’t watch dramas while I’m pregnant!!! There aren’t enough tissues in the world 🙁

    • Well you need to add it to your drama list. Along with “Precious” because I know you’re still putting off that one too.

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