Barbie Dress Patterns

If you’re looking for free barbie dress patterns you’ve come to the right place. To print these free sewing patterns just click on the link below the picture of the pattern pieces.

Barbie Dress Patterns Part 1


Barbie Dress Patterns Part 2


Barbie Dress Patterns

doll dress patterns

Click the link below to print the free sewing pattern

printable barbie dress patterns





Halloween Coloring Pages

My family and I just love Halloween!  It’s my favorite holiday next to Christmas.  One of the easiest ways to decorate for Halloween is to let your kids color their own decorations.  Click on the link below each image in order to print your free Halloween coloring pages full page without anything else on the page.  Looking for ideas for fun family activities?  Look below for the link!


Halloween Coloring Page – Ballerina With Candy Bowl

halloween coloring pages

halloween coloring page ballerina with candy bowl

Halloween Coloring Page – Clown

halloween coloring page clown

halloween coloring page clown

Halloween Coloring Page – Cat

halloween coloring pages freehalloween coloring pages cat

Click here for more Halloween coloring sheets and a list of other fun family activities for Halloween!




Halloween Movies For Kids

halloween movies
halloween movies

Here’s our list of Halloween Movies!

Here’s a list of Halloween movies that my family and I enjoy.  I’ve broken it up into two categories, Halloween movies for kids, and a list of Halloween movies for grownups.  I’ll also try to put where you can watch for free, rent, or buy because a lot of the best Halloween movies are hard to find :-)   Please use your parental discretion, a lot of these movies are too scary for younger children in my opinion! If you’re looking for some other fun family activities for Halloween, check out 10 Fun Things To Do For Halloween.

halloween movies for kids

In our opinion these are the best Halloween Movies.

Halloween Movies For Kids

Monster house



You can also watch this Halloween movie on Netflix Intant Streaming.

Monsters vs. aliens

Wallace and grommet curse of the were rabbit

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is also available on netflix instant view!

Addams Family 1 & 2

Both Addams Family movies are also available through Amazon Prime!

Double Double Toil and Trouble

Ernest Scared Stupid

Hocus Pocus

James and the Giant Peach

This Halloween Movie is also available to view on Netflix Instant Streaming.


The Witches


Casper: A Spirited Beginning

Netflix has some casper halloween cartoons available on instant streaming, just not the full length movies.


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman

This is also available on Netflix Instant Streaming.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

The Black Cauldron

Ichabod cartoon


Max and ruby’s Halloween Episode

Return to OZ

The Haunted Mansion

Anything Scooby dooby doooooooo

Netflix Instant Streaming has a whole season of scooby doo.


Dora The Explorer’s Halloween Parade

Also available with Amazon Prime.

Monsters Inc.

Halloweentown/ Return to Halloweentown

Goosebumps series

Netflix instant streaming has lots of goosebumps stuff just in time for Halloween.


The little vampire

The Munsters

Also available on Netflix instant streaming.

Corpse bride


The Harry Potter Series

List Of Halloween Movies For Grownups

There are way more options for adults than for kids, so I’ve just listed a few of my hubby and I’s favorites!

Warm Bodies


Young Frankenstein

I really wish I could find this on instant somewhere. We borrow my parent’s old VHS every year :-)

Sleepy Hollow

The Burbs

Evil Dead 1 & 2 & Army Of Darkness

The first evil dead movie is available on Netflix Instant Streaming.

Tremors 1, 2, 3, & 4

Tremors 2 & 3 are both on Netflix Instant!

Shaun of the dead

Zombie Land

Van Helsing

Mars attacks

The Simpsons treehouse of horror

I am legend

The Twilight Saga

The Walking Dead Series

Seasons 1 & 2 are available on Netflix Instant Streaming.



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How To French Braid

If you’ve ever wondered how to french braid today is your lucky day! It’s not as hard as it looks and Renee will even show you some ways to hide your beginner french braid mistakes!

How To French Braid

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – How To French Braid


Today we’re going to learn how to French braid hair. Modern Homemakers video intro and theme song. Hello I’m Renee with Modern Homemakers and today we’re going to learn how to French braid hair. There’s a lot of different styles of French braiding, today we’re just going to do a very basic single braid and Winnie is our model. Winnie smile turn around. There she is, there’s our model, ah so beautiful.

We’re going to wet the hair so it’ll be a little bit easier to handle. Winnie has a lot of hair. It doesn’t have to be totally wet, just to kind of get it where it’s going to go back and not be flyaway around her face after we get the braid. Your hair does not have to be this long to French braid. Once you learn how to French braid you’ll find that you want to do it a lot. It’s a great fast way to do little girl’s hair for school or I French braid mine whenever I go exercise. So you do want to get these tangles out as much as you can.

Then we’ll go straight back. There’s so many different styles that we could, I’m trying to figure out she’s got some breakage we don’t know if she found some scissors. Winnie I need you to look up just a minute and then you can get back to your video game, the video game is great of tv, look up there for just a minute, is a great way to keep them occupied. If they have trouble sitting still like this one does. All right I’m going to take about an inch of hair right in the middle. So she’s got a bunch of different lengths here because her bangs are growing out. So that’s going to make it a little more complicated.

Hey Winnie I need a favor from you I need you to not do the video game just quite yet I need you to look up at that picture up there for just a few minutes while I get this first part. So I’ve got my section I’m going to divide this into 3. So these are the 3 partings that I start with, so just like if you know of to do a regular braid it’s similar how you start. We’re going to cross under, there’s an inverted or an outward bread. I’m gonna do the outward one today. You’re going to take the right side under, and always we’re like pulling and trying to keep that kind of tight. And then come under with this side. So that’s our first pass and we’re going to add more hair to it. We can do this with a comb or I’ve got long enough fingernails that I’m going to do that. We’ll have to keep detangling. If it’s long hair you’re going to have to keep detangling you may have to take the comb and smooth it out. It just depends on the hair if it gets tangly like that or not.

So I’ve added that, this is the existing piece, I’m going to add it together and get that underneath. All right you can look forward now sweetie. OK, so this is where it get’s difficult. I’m holding all these two in my right hand, that one I’ll let go of for just a second and I’m going to add to it. You can even have someone help you and hold the other hair if you’re learning and you want to do. So I’ve added this new section to it and I’m going to be going underneath again. Each time I’m going to go underneath. Now we want this centered on her head so I’m going to look up and kind of keep an eye on where that nose is as I’m going through. So with my left hand I’m going to hold this tight and once again adding some more hair. About a half an inch, I like to go ahead and detangle, and comb that into the other one to make it nice and smooth now grabbing this existing and the new one and I’m going to put it under each time it goes under.

So the other way to do it is putting it on top and you just have to decide ahead of time which one you’re going to do. They look different when you’re done either adding the hair under or on top. It looks more flat if you add it on top, the braid Is more raised if you add it under. You have to hold it kind of tight they may not like it, put your head down sweetie. You can do your game now, you can play your game now. And I am doing it kind of tight because I want it to stay and last and look real good all day, so she could go to school, play on the playground and it’s still gonna stay nice and tight. We’re even gonna put a little hairspray in it when we’re done to keep it tight.

We could at this point if we wanted to we could stop right here. We could put a pony tail in it and then braid the end and put another pony tail in the bottom just do a partial braid just keeping the bangs out of their eyes. But for today I’m going to go all of the way down and braid all of it. OK now when they turn their head it can get crooked. So if you can get them to look forward… You can even French braid your own hair, I do that with my hair just kind of keep it out of your eyes, keep it off your neck I do that when I’m exercising or working outside in the yard. Try to sit still. Now you’re probably thinking oh it looks kind of sloppy right now, right through here. But that’s ok we can smooth that out with a comb afterward we’ll straighten that out and smooth that out.

We could have gotten this wetter, I didn’t get it very wet. It could be done like right after a shower when the hair is totally wet. It also would get, I can see right here this is where her bangs are growing out, so we’ve got pieces sticking out. We’ll fix that with some hairspray. All right we’re almost done Winnie. So I want to make sure I’ve got all of it. Here’s another place we could stop. This is a nice looking braid to. You put a ponytail holder right were my hand is and you leave this bottom part as a ponytail instead of a braid. We’re gonna go all the way down I’m gonna put a little water here.

I saw a little bubble here so I’m going to go back and fix it. Just very carefully I’m gonna hold on tight, back up a little bit maybe comb that spot that was sticking out and then go back to it. We’re going to put a ponytail holder in here. We’re gonna spray with some water because we’ve got some things sticking up and that doesn’t look as good, and I’m just gonna gently comb all the way up to the braid. I’m pushing under any little things that are sticking up, I’m going to put some hairspray in keep it in place. I can also push under any loose spots push them under the braid. You could even use bobby pins if you need to see where I’m pushing the comb you could put a bobby pin in there if you need to. Along here we’re just going to swoop that stuff up off of your hairline. She’s been growing those bangs out quite awhile but it takes a long time her hair is so long, for the bangs to get down to the length of everything else.

All right, there you go she’s ready for school! Please subscribe to our youtube channel. You might also like how to remove skin tags naturally.





How To Make Cloth Napkins

how to make cloth napkins

Today we’re making cloth napkins.

If you’re looking for free sewing patterns for beginners, you’re ready to learn how to make cloth napkins!  Make sure to keep scrolling down past the video to print the free sewing pattern.  Cloth napkins are also one of the things my family uses to save money on paper products.  You can reuse these things FOREVER and when they finally start falling apart they still make good rags.  Do you have any ideas for craft projects that would save money?

how to make cloth napkins

Because my cloth napkins are old and GROSS!


How To Make Cloth Napkins

Cloth Napkin Sewing Pattern Pieces

how to make cloth napkins

Click below to print the free sewing pattern pieces.

Make sure to print all 3 pieces :-)

napkin sewing pattern piece 1

napkin sewing pattern piece 2

napkin sewing pattern piece 3






How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair

Here are step by step instructions for how to cut toddler boy hair at home yourself so you can save some money!  You might also be interested in how to cut a bowl haircut.

How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair Part 1

How to Cut Toddler Boy Hair Part 2

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair Part 1

Hi I’m Renee with Modern Homemakers, and today we’re doing a toddler haircut with Gideon. We just got finished, we’re still not even totally finished, I think I may come back tomorrow and do a few touchups, but he’s at the end of his rope. Working with toddlers you’re not going to expect perfection because they’re just moving they’re real busy. Modern Homemakers intro and theme song.

One of the secrets to doing toddler haircuts is just to keep them occupied. So we’re going to start out with Gideon just sitting in his chair. Got to get his hair wet, we’ve got his cousin Savannah to distract him. She’s going to give him popsicles and things to keep him still. He doesn’t like the water. So we’re going to start with him here in the highchair. Later on we’ll have Savannah hold him when we get to the back part. Ok, just part it in the middle, just a center part. Looking good buddy.

If your toddler likes cartoons that’s another thing you can do. Gideon’s not so interested in cartoons. Forget the haircut I think I’m going to do that every day! It’s pretty special. So I’m parting in the middle then I’m going to cut it in fourths. Part it in 4 different sections and take a small amount of hair on the bottom, just kind of bring that down. And then we’ll take this hair up and put it out of our way. It doesn’t have to be super straight we’re just trying to get that hair separated.

Now, you realize of course that that popsicle is definitely going to have hair in it by the time we are done. Okay, then I’m gonna try to do this back part if I can get him o lean forward I’ll go ahead and part in the back. His hair is definitely needing a haircut. We’ve trimmed it so far, but this will be his first actual haircut. People are starting to say isn’t she cute. So we decided it was time. He’s being good, so far. So far so good, except for the spray bottle he doesn’t like that water.

OK, while he’s leaning forward so well I think I’m going to cut this around his nape first. We’re going to make this short back here he hasn’t had it short yet. It’s time to have a cute little boy haircut it’s gonna be kind of a modified bull. So start with about how long you want it in the back, it’s good to go with their natural hairline. You don’t want to shave their hair the back of their neck so don’t make it go any shorter than their natural hairline. So we won’t shave when we’re done. Know that at any time they could jump so you don’t want the point of the scissors down by them. Alright so that’s what I’m going to do back there. Then I’m going to come up front , and I’m thinking Joquena do you want it maybe a quarter of an inch above his eyebrows? We’re going to go with a little shorter because it’ll grow and we don’t want to need a haircut again next week.

And I’m going to hold his head so that he doesn’t accidentally … what what what. Is that good, do you like that? Hairy popsicle I can see it in there already. And then we have the choice we can go up and over the ears or we can go straight across not quite as short so be thinking about that Joquena. And you get lots of crooked when they jerk their head around. These scissors are not very good. The finest the dollar store had to offer. Oh that’s the problem. I am not a fancy beautician, and we have what we have. You want to go up and over the ears or straight across. Straight across would be a little bit longer. Whatever looks more boyish. More boyish would be up and over the ears. What do you think daddy’s gonna think about that. He’s not gonna like all these hair clips everyone’s been putting in there so let’s go up and over the ear.

This is definitely more little boy. OK, one thing I like to do is I like to take their ear, and just bring it all the way out of the equation. Just pull that ear down so we don’t accidentally nip the ear. I don’t think I’d want to have this job. No this is not a fun job. So I’m going to push this ear down… mhmm… boy you really needed this buddy. And if you’re cutting their hair just know that it’s not going to be perfect because they’re moving so much that it’s just kind of really difficult to get it perfect. So be willing to accept that. Gideon! Hmmm we’ll come back to that. That area’s not done but he’s like not wanting me to work there now.

I’m gonna go up here framing his face and then around and over the ear. I can’t get in there because of the high chair. It works out well too if you can just have someone hold him. But it’s like a 3 person job and we could use a 4th. You can see why we’re going shorter on things. Yeah we don’t want to do this too often. We have decided to just do the front part and then we’re going to have savannah hold him while we do the back because we just can’t get to the back he keeps on leaning back against the highchair. So you take out like a little parting of hair, so maybe like a quarter of an inch, 16th of an inch take that out from the clip and then pull that down, and then you just put the rest of the hair back up. So I’m not going to layer this part in front I’m just going to leave it long all blunt cut one length.

That way it’ll look thicker and that makes I look more like a little boy because he is a little boy. You see how long his bangs were! SO if you look here you can see where we cut underneath and you can see the longer hair on top that we haven’t cut yet. And that’s going to be our guide where we will cut the hair. We’re going to try to make it equal to that first cut. O wow ow, I don’t think he knows what ow means. He’s being very calm so I’m just going to go ahead and do the rest of this side. So all we’ve got done so far is a little bit around that ear, probably not to straight yet. Ok and we’re going to bring around the other ear. Ok let’s come over to this side. So you can see the part hanging down. How that’s longer, and you just use that as your guide. Please continue on to how to cut toddler boy hair part 2. Please subscribe to our youtube channel.

 VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair Part 2

Are we frustrated? Is somebody not so happy to have his hair cut? Then bring down that little section of hair and you can see underneath again where we cut before. I let him have that comb, maybe that will occupy him for a little bit. Not happy with the whole thing are we… no no. Gideon look at me, you like that? And then every time he moves his eyebrows up it’s a different length. Awesome, all right. I’ve still got to get those bangs straight some how. You want to be still. These are terrible scissors. So these are what you get at the dollar store huh? Yes, don’t buy the dollar store scissors.

I definitely would invest in a little better pair of scissors than this. Oh good we’re going to move on to the back, we’re going to take him out of the highchair. What’s here Gideon look up there. Haha it’s like every time I go to cut he moves, ok. Once more, ok here’s one of the areas that got really chopped because he jerked right when I was in that spot so I’m hoping that I can straighten that out. And then he puts his head back… look forward buddy. Now we could just leave it blunt cut like this or we could kind of layer it around his neck. Let’s just leave it blunt cut, yeah I’m kind of thinking the blunt because he’s never had it this drastic before. Layering it up might be a little more of a shock to everyone because they’re used to his long…

So about how many times do you section it off for each of those little sections? Maybe 4 or 5 it depends on the thickness hair. This line, I want to be able to see that after I pull this down. So if I pull this down and I can’t see that line anymore I would make that a thinner parting. Good job buddy. He says savannah I like, you not so much, you with the spray bottle. Looking good, it’s never going to be perfect, so if you’re expecting perfection that’s probably not going to happen at this age because they just move to much. But it’s going to save you a lot of money doing it yourself and if you take your time you can still do a good job.

And I’ve done this before and stopped if it’s just like not working at all you might want to come back to it later if they get real upset. Normally he doesn’t want to lay his head on anyone’s shoulder, you’d figure that now… Grandma he will not let go of me so, just kind of pick him up with both hands and hold him up like this. I am stepping in so much popsicle… and I’m covered in it, hairy popsicle, we’re all covered with hairy popsicle. We need more popsicle, but he’s so busy looking at it that it has caught his attention. I actually got about snips in that time. Hi dirty popsicle baby. Oh gosh he’s eating it off his shirt.

All right look this way, take both hands and kind of lift him up. He’s like get away. Food, more and more food. Oh my gosh my arms, tough it out savannah. I feel like a bear, a dirty bear. Up and around the ears, just kind of follow the shape of the ear. Almost done buddy, it looks so much better. OK, look this way here. We needed loud cartoons. We just didn’t have anything down here to kind of catch his attention. Isy do stuff to keep him happy. There you go grandma, take it. I see a downside in this haircut, I can see all the wax in his ear I’m going to have to take care of that more frequently. Is it too late to go back? It’s too late. Oh he’s belching because he’s eating so much. Get him off of me. I guess we could have gotten a better haircut if Joquena could hold him but she’s running the camera. Can I hold the camer. I’ve got to get a shot of his beard. Oh, you’re like a hairball mister. All right, I know we have lots of areas that are not straight, oh my goodness boy. Where to start. Every time I try to do that one he moves. I’ve tried to do that one several times, he’s helping you . oh good, I’m so glad that he’s helping. I’m just gonna spritz the come a little bit. So serious, oh yeah he’s a serious boy. OK, look up, ewww he has it in his mouth, yeah we’re not worried about that now. Wow he really looks good. Come on you, let me get at this ear. I don’t know we may have to stop because every time I try to get in there he bats my hand away. That’s the beauty of a home haircut we can come back tomorrow and do touch ups and stuff. Oopsie, I get like one cut and then he… it looks way better than it did… he’s had enough. And it’s way better than when we started and I may do a couple touch ups, maybe when he’s asleep when he’s taking a nap I might straighten up his bangs a little more.





MeLisa And Ryun Forever Family

I’m so excited, like jump up and down excited :-)   My sister is in a new reality show featuring her husband and 6 adopted kids. She and her husband have such an amazing marriage that I’ve always respected her advice and found encouragement that there really are still happy long term relationships out there!

If you’ve been filled with a sad void like me since Jon and Kate broke up, you don’t need to be sad anymore.  Their new show MeLisa and Ryun Forever Family is AMAZING. It’s a reality sitcom style show the whole family can watch.  Family safe shows are a must for me, that’s why we watch so much of the Duggars.

Can you imagine having cameras follow your every move?  I can’t.   I don’t know if I’d be willing to get out of my pajamas every day haha!  Clearly she feels pretty confident in her wife & mothering abilities.

Because she’s my sister I pulled some strings and asked her to do an exclusive interview for Modern Homemakers.  Don’t forget to keep scrolling down to watch the trailer for their show.


5 Things you should know about MeLisa and Ryun

I asked MeLisa and Ryun to list 5 things about what makes their marriage work:


  • We are madly in love. Like super dorky crazy in love. People have called us 2 peas in a pod since the beginning.


  • We seldomly argue but when we do its usually over a creative idea or whose joke we should keep in a script.


  • When it comes to the kids it’s us vs them. We always try to have a united front whether we agree or not.


  • We’re very different in our personalities and our approaches to life which is what we love most about each other and get annoyed by most in each other.


  • The biggest key to our marriage is respect. We appreciate each other and put the other person’s needs first. We know how lucky we are each day we have together so we treat each other with love and adoration.

MeLisa is a contributor on Modern Homemakers. To see a list of her posts click here.





How To Make Flower Hair Clips

flower hair clips

You can make these flower hair clips whatever color you want!

Are you ready to learn how to make flower hair clips?  This is a no sew project so it’s a great place to dive in if you’ve been wanting to start crafting.  I made these because I can’t afford those adorable boutique bows and I was sick of drooling over them in other people’s hair haha!

How To Make Flower Hair Clips

Free Sewing Pattern – Flower Hair Clips

Click here to print the free flower hair clip pattern

diy flower hair clip

My beautiful daughter with her flower hair clip

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – How To Make Flower Hair Clips





30 Day Juice Fast – Day 1

I’m going on a 30 day juice fast. I’ll be taking daily videos to say how I’m doing and to give encouragement. Here’s day 1.

30 Day Juice Fast – Day 1

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – 30 Day Juice Fast Day 1

Modern Homemakers theme song and intro, Day 1, I’m going on a juice fast, because I’m sick of looking like this, and feeling sick all the time, I want to look like I did before kids, I need to be healthy and alive for these guys.

I don’t know if I had the flu or what but I was sick yesterday so I thought why put off starting my juice fast I was gonna do in a couple weeks when I had the kids nicely in school and whatever why not start it today because I feel like crap anyway!

So my throat’s sore, I wasn’t hungry anyway, and I think this might be the perfect way to start a juice fast. It’s like, it’s the end of the day and I’m getting ready to watch a movie with the kids and I’ve already been a zombie all day and wanted to nap and that was nothing to do with the juice because I was already sick so, it’s like a 2fer, I got 2 things out of one sick day.

Anyway, I decided to go 30 days this time. I didn’t really have a set amount last time I did the 18 days and that’s been I think 3 months since my last juice fast. I still have a video I haven’t posted, cough, anyway it’s been you know I’ve not had any dairy, I’ve had juice still every day since that fast.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I couldn’t believe it, I’d lost like another 8 pounds or 9 lbs, since the stop of my last juice fast because even though I wasn’t doing a juice fast I was still having juice every day. SO, that’s encouragement for anyone who’s not ready of willing to do an entire juice fast yet. It’s slower but there are still results.

So, that’s exciting. Sorry I sound so horrible I’m all congested. Anyway, I decided I was going to do it right this time because I didn’t know starting weight and everything last juice fast. So, 241.2 is our starting weight which once again I was in the 80’s or 90’s when I started my last fast. So, that’s a number I can say enthusiasm.

I don’t want to be at it forever and I won’t be for much longer now, but 241.2 and I did my own measurements but 53, 53 hips and 46.5 waist and which is funny I was looking at I had taken my measurements for sewing patterns like, was it 6 years ago that we lived at the rivergate house?

I don’t know, it was from years ago when we rented a house and I still had those papers taped up. And it’s like HEY I’m back to those measurements now, little bit smaller in some of them actually. So that was exciting. I can start using real sewing patterns again without altering everything. Anyway, I am so out of it because I have the flu. But, juice fast number 2, day 1 pretty much done with day one. And looking forward I had so much improvement just in my quality of life in the last juice fast.

Looking forward to see what this one will do and a few days when I don’t have my cold or whatever it was, yeah it was more than a cold way too much time spent in the bathroom. I have to go back to the kids, but um please join me on my juice fast or at least add some juice to your diet. Just start making some changes, once again not only did I lose all that weight during my last juice fast which was only 18 days long I lost somewhere between 20 and 40 pounds I wasn’t positive about my start weight but I not only kept that weight off for 3 months I lost 8 more pounds just because I kept drinking juice. I can’t think of anything more encouraging than that myself, so be encouraged.

Please subscribe to our youtube channel. You might also like Storing carrot juice.. I’m not a doctor. This is just my juicing journey. You should always consult with a DR before making any radical changes to your health or diet.





Juicing Recipes – Mexican Corn Juice

juice fast

Ready for a new juicing recipe?

If you’re looking for new juicing recipes you have to try my Mexican Corn Juice, it’s a totally awesome taste explosion!  You might also like my Spinach Apple Juice.

Mexican Corn Juice Recipe


  • 4 ears corn
  • 1-2 jalapenos
  • 4 limes
  • 2 bell peppers
  • 1 large onion
  • ½ bunch of cilantro
  • 2 stalks of celery


Juicing Recipes – Mexican Corn Juice

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – Juicing Recipes – Mexican Corn Juice

This is one of my favorite juices. It make seem weird, but we’re gonna use corn today and we’re making Mexican Corn Juice. Modern Homemakers, helping moms video intro and theme song. Hello it’s Joquena and I keep getting request for juice recipes. So, this is one of my favorites and it’s super easy. If you want the exact measurements follow the link in the description and go back to my website.

But everything here is what I’m using in the bowl. So the first thing we’re going to be using in corn on the cob. Which is still raw, and I’m not going to have you watch me do all 4 pieces here, but you’re going to take a knife and cut the corn off. So you kind of just keep turning, I should have grabbed a better knife, but I’m injured right now I have like 2 cuts on my hands and I’m afraid of my big knives at the moment. So you can see that comes off really fast, and you’re going to do the same thing to all 4 ears.

Okay, I’ve got all 4 ears shaved off and since I didn’t bring down my big cutting board I’m just gonna juice stuff 1 at a time instead of incorporating. So you’re gonna want to make sure if you do it like I’m doing stir! It actually makes a really pretty, it’s almost like a rock layer but it’s all liquid and you can see all the different colors. You can see this recipe has so many vibrant colors, yellow and orange if you used red bell peppers you’d have that, green, the purple from the onion. Green limes and jalapenos.

Pause just a second, the juicer always puts out a little liquid at the beginning. Now I don’t think I’m going to shoot the video today, I just want to go drink my juice, but I am going to save all my pulp and you can put it in your freezer if you want to trust me to eventually film the video, and I am eventually going to make, I’ve made them before they’re really super yummy especially if you’re doing all raw. They’re kind of like a tortilla cracker, chip, tortilla chip but it’s a cracker, and it’s I make them out of the salsa juice too, but I think I like the salsa juice ones a little better.

Super yummy, they have like flax seeds. All sorts of healthiness in them. But if you don’t trust me to put that recipe up any time soon I don’t blame you because I just go the last day of my last juice fast put up and that was oh I don’t know 3 months ago that I did that juice fast. So cough, I haven’t earned trust. OK, got all the corn in, and isn’t his silly? Ii mean it looks like corn meal almost. All that in there, and you can see we’ve got like a frothy yellow, and we’re going to go ahead and add in something pretty next. Taking our bell peppers and slicing them just so they fit in the juicer.

So I had them halved already, but that’s 2 bell peppers. I made this in, I have lots of juicers, I made this in my breville once and I would definitely recommend tasting before you think you’re done in the breville, because it was not the same consistency at all. And I had finished and I was like oh I don’t like this and it’s too late, so if you’re using different types of juicers it’s kind of like when you’re cooking real cooks take their spoons in the kitchen unless they’ve made that recipe a million times, and they taste it as they’re going along. So, you can do the same thing right in here, stir your bowl when you think you’ve got a good amount and just take a sip of it.

See what it tastes like. I like things spicy, you might not want things very spicy. I like things so spicy it makes people cry sometimes. In a good way. OK, I’m gonna take an onion, and you can use a white onion too, I just kind of use whatever I have. And I am just slicing it small enough to fit through the juicer and I’m gonna run in a couple stalks of celery at the same time because it’s just gonna go fit in

Celery works like the salt. I’ve been working on this recipe for some time and initially it’s like oh I just want salt in there. And I went, duh, celery’s a natural salt what are you thinking? OK, I might be to the point where I have to pour some out. You might want to halve my recipe if you’re not willing to take a risk on such a large quantity.

The corn is exciting because it has a natural sweetness in it, thus corn syrup. I would not want to make this my primary juice because we all get enough corn in our diet to begin with let’s face it! But when you’re doing a long juice fast you need the variety or you go crazy. Gonna put this in, and then I’m gonna pause and pour. I’m gonna put this here in case it drips any because I want that for my crackers.

I’m not going to make you watch me do this to all of them, but if you have a citrus juicer you can use that or with your limes you can just cut off a bunch of the outside. If these were organic you can even zest them into a jar and put that into the freezer and you’ll always have lime zest when you want lime zest. Man these limes smell good. You can see what I’m doing, this lime is not perfectly in its prime it’s giving me a hard time.

We’re gonna do that to all 4 limes. I’ve got all 4 limes peeled. As you can see they’re not perfect and beautiful, they’re gonna be in my tummy it doesn’t matter. Gonna squish this, oh there’s still the purple onion color coming through. I know they’re called red onions, but they look purple to me. Am I alone on this. I think that’s just a little silly. All right this next step is very important, depending on whether or not you like things spicy. On the recipe I say 1-2 jalapenos I’m saying 2 because I’m using my garden ones and they’re tiny. I’ve seen ones in the store that are like this big. And there’s one more thing if you don’t like it spicy cut it open and take out the seeds because that makes it even spicier. But guess what I like? Spicy.

So I’m just gonna put the whole thing in there seeds and all. And then you need half a bunch of cilantro. If you’re using like store bought cilantro. I went and got store bought cilantro so I could give you a reference. When you buy a bunch it’s half of that, or a good handful. And herbs are just so good for you, like cilantro is really good for heavy metal detoxing. And I should put half as much in there next time in the juicer, but I’m making it work, oh look at those muscles. And the next tricky step is will I get it to fit in my jar. I was trying to use my pretty empty organic juice jar here. And we’ll slide this over.

Make it work, make it work. It’s gonna be close people. Cheating here, I’m gonna pour a little so I’ve got room. Make it work. And then make, make, make sure that you mix this. Or you’ll get all lime, or all the peppers that you just poured in the top or something else horrible. And I’m gonna let you in on a secret, this tastes better the next day. This is like the only juice in the world that actually tastes better the next day. All of the flavors meld together. This will taste good right now, I’m gonna have some right now, I’ve been waiting all day for this. But it actually tastes better the next day. Put my lid on so no more oxygen gets in there and just one fast reminder, save this pulp if you’re interested if you have a dehydrator I have a raw cracker recipe that I came up with that I happen to love. Because there is no time like a juice fast to save up all your pulp. You will never make that much pulp in normal day to day life even if you have a quart of juice a day there’s just something when you’re doing a juice fast.

Ok my hands are totally dirty. There’s a reason this is one of my favorite juices. It’s that good. So, it may look crazy, go out on a limb. This is a good juice people. Especially if you’ve been having carrot juice or mean green every day and you’re like ahhhh I’ve got to have some variety. So, if you’re looking for other juice recipes I’ll put a link after this but I have a spinach apple juice that is like one of my daily staples. I love that juice. Please subscribe to our youtube channel, looking for yummy juice recipes? Spinach Apple Juice.


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