How To Be A Good Husband – Healthy Eating

Travis is continuing today with more tips and advice on how to be a good husband. Today he’s branching out into “Healthy Eating”.




Making Yourself Happy

making yourself happy vlog joquena lomelinoWith so many demands on a mom’s time it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself, so today get ready to talk about making yourself happy!  When’s the last time you took some time to do what you love?  Do you even remember what it is that you used to enjoy doing?

making yourself happy modern homemakers

Making Yourself Happy – Video Blog

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT:  Making Yourself Happy

Are you one of the many struggling moms who puts everyone first but yourself? Modern Homemakers video theme song and intro. Hello this is Joquena with Modern Homemakers, and today we’re going to talk about something that, well quite frankly I think it’s pretty darn important and I think a lot of us mom’s kind of forget about it.

We’re gonna talk about making yourself happy. No one else can do this for you. People can do nice things for you. One of the most important things in making yourself happy is first of all to remember what makes you happy! It’s like when we become a mom everything that we were kind of get’s pushed away and it’s like there are all these necessities.

I have to feed people. I have to do the laundry. I have to make sure everyone is alive. You know, every day, that’s a big job. And like in the midst of that it’s kind of like you take you and you shove you away in a box somewhere and the dust starts to pile up, maybe get some cobwebs.

And you’re lost! And even if you do get some free time it’s kind of like, oh maybe I’ll watch tv or maybe I’ll just take a nap because you don’t even remember what you enjoy anymore because it’s like it’s been so long since you’ve gotten to use it.

Practical application today, I want you to do a little Wayne’s World time warp ok if you don’t know what Wayne’s World is please go watch it ‘cause it’s hilarious. Anyway I want you to go do that Wayne’s World time warp and go back to the you before you had children. Do you even remember you before you had children?

So grab out a piece of paper or an app on your phone that you can type or talk into and I want you to think about it. Were you in any clubs in school? Did you used to have hobbies that you just haven’t had time for in a gazillion years? I mean what were your hopes and dreams back then? Because part of being happy is even remembering those things.

And if you’re not careful this can lead to frustration because you’re going to go well darn it I don’t do anything for me anymore so we’re not going to try to change this all right away but I want you to remember what you used to love. And your feelings may have changed, kind of like foods you may used to have loved spaghetti and you’re sick to death of it now.

For me it’s writing. I love writing and when I had the children I kind of just shoved it away. Like creative writing, I do the blogging but as a fiction writer I was just like oh there’s no time for that and I’m never going to get to finish it so why would I even start it?

And a few years ago I was just like forget it. I’m going to do this for me because if I keep waiting for my babies to get grown up and I keep having babies I’m never gonna get to do what I want to do. Whatever it is for you, figure it out write it down and it could be several things I love crafts I love writing I love healthy cooking whatever it is write it down and I want you to make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to spend just a few minutes every day you know it doesn’t have to be like a marathon session where you have babysitting and the stars align and this miraculous 5 hour filming photography whatever session that you like to do.

It could be that you like to exercise whatever it is. And I want you to whatever amount of time it is you can every day whether it’s five minutes if it’s ten minutes I want you to find a way to cut something else out of your schedule, or watch one less tv program or spend ten minutes less doting on your wonderful children and give that back to yourself.

And it’s amazing, when you start doing a little something for yourself you’re a nicer person, genuinely like you’re happier. It may not seem like much time and hey if you have two hours to give to yourself, give it to yourself! But that may be unrealistic for a lot of you so I want you to take that time, however much time you can give yourself, 5 10 minutes whatever, and start spending a little bit on you every day.

My husband is like wow, there’s that interesting person that I married. It’s like we got boring after we had children because we didn’t allow ourselves to be who we were anymore. It’s like I stepped into this motherhood role and it’s an amazing wonderful role to be a mother. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a full time mom but that doesn’t mean you can’t also follow your hopes and dreams and take care of yourself.

I mean, let’s face it there are some days we’re lucky to even get a shower and sometimes we’re not so lucky. Anyway, take a few moments, that’s your challenge for the day for the week, whatever. Make yourself happy and make everyone else happier in the process.


how to make yourself happy joquena lomelino




Drive Us Crazy – Reality TV


drive us crazy reality tv show modern homemakers review youtube family friendly programmingI don’t know about you but as a mommy I sure do have a hard time finding quality entertainment that I can watch with my kids and actually enjoy.  Which is why I’m so excited to talk about Drive Us Crazy today because seriously it’s adorable.  I’m just going to come right out and say that this show is about my sister MeLisa who founded Modern Homemakers with me.

Drive Us Crazy Trailer

You can watch this show completely for free and it’s available on youtube.  My kids love this show (not just because of Aunt Mel) but because it features other kids that they can relate to.  Episodes can get a little whacky and it’s ok if you pity Ryun when all of those girls team up on him, but then again I’m all for girl power so you’re on your own Ryun!

drive us crazy melisa and ryun reality tv show on youtube family friendlyI have to point out how much I love the title because if you didn’t notice it already it has a double meaning.  For starters the show literally features the family driving around in their minivan (don’t worry it’s not boring because they have some crazy conversations) and then they go do fun things and you get to watch them as they go on everyday adventures that we can all relate to.  Whether it’s a theme park trip or a visit to the local grocery store everyone is going to have fun.

parenting memes i don't understand girls drive us crazy reality tv showAnd the show all focuses on how as much as we love our family they can drive us crazy like now one else.  Seriously who else can push your buttons better than your loved ones?  My sister and her husband have adopted all 6 of their children and they love to focus on how it’s love that makes a family.

melisa and ryun drive us crazy family friendly reality tv show on youtubeI really wish there was more stuff like this out there.  There is so much on television that is just dark and inappropriate.  This show is a breath of fresh air and quite frankly the kids are adorable and you’re going to love what they have to say.

What are some of your favorite reality shows or just family friendly programing in general?  Please share in the comments section below!




Making Money from Home, How to run a Successful Home Based Business – Book Review

Today we’re featuring a Guest Post from my friend April.  Please go visit her at her blog:  New Creations!

But Enough from me, let’s hear from April..

making money from home how to run a successful home based businessAbout a year ago I was on a search for ways to make money at home. It was during this time that I discovered Donna Partow’s book Making Money from Home, How to run a Successful Home Based Business. This book details everything from setting up a home office, writing a business plan, choosing a line of business, legal issues, and marketing. If you’ve thought of making money from home, I really believe this book will guide you through the process.

Each chapter contains questions for review at the end. It is helpful to take time to answer these questions on paper as you go along. You will discover a lot about yourself and your potential business.

In the first section Donna discusses pillars for long-term success. These ten pillars set a foundation for your business and include things like choosing a business you enjoy, researching your intended line of business, self-discipline, and more.

In addition to these things, she gives you an overview of what a business plan looks like and how to write one. Included in the book are a Business Plan worksheet and a First Year Operating Budget sheet.

Now get ready for some fun and self-evaluation! The second section of the book discuses home-based business options. Donna talks about global flea markets (i.e., Ebay), direct sales and network marketing, Information products (special reports, e-books), and affiliate marketing. She includes a Third-Party Analysis to give to friends. The purpose of this sheet is to help you identify a line of business.

Next, and perhaps the most important part of her book discusses business basics. There are many legal and financial issues to consider and this part of the book touches on those issues. She lays out the steps necessary to set up your business. You’ll learn about sole proprietorships, LLCs, trademark names, opening a business bank account, and more.

In this section she also talks about mastering self-management. Donna discusses organization and time management, both of which are essential to running your home-based business. In addition, she talks about setting goals and even delegation.

The fourth section details ways you can market your business. You’ll read about starting a blog, social media, mailing lists, and SEO (search engine optimization). Experiment with her suggestions and find out which ways work best for your business.

The final section is important as Donna talks about putting family first. She discusses balancing your family needs with your business and having the support of your spouse.

In chapter 17, she instructs you to sit down with your husband and discuss your business idea with him. “Without his support, your business simply cannot succeed.” If you have children, chapter 16 offers suggestions about balancing both your business and children’s needs and even how to include your children in your business.

In conclusion, this book is a great resource for anyone (especially mom’s) seeking to start a home-based business. Check it out of your local library first and see if the information in this book is as valuable to you as it has been to me. For more information, check out Donna’s website at





Free Crochet Hat Pattern

beginner crochet instructionsThis free crochet hat pattern is super fast and easy to make. I not only made the hat but filmed the video during a single nap time :-) Whether you’re a beginner crocheter or a seasoned pro this is a great short term project… not like the afghan you’ve been working on for the last three years haha!

I designed this hat to fit my 8 year old daughter’s head, but it also fits my wig head so it should fit most adults as well. To follow are a video with step by step instructions, a typed version of the pattern that you can feel free to print off to follow along, and the printable brim pattern piece. Enjoy!

Free Crochet Hat Pattern- Video Instructions

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Free Crochet Hat Pattern (With Brim)

I hook

For The Main Hat Portion

Chain 65, join loop with a slip stitch

Ch 1, 64 SC, join loop

Ch 1, 64 HDC, join loop

Ch 2, 64 DC, join loop,

Ch 1, 64 SC, join loop

Ch 1, 10 HDC, skip 1, 53 HDC, join loop

Ch 2, (20 DC, skip 1)x2 , 20 DC, join loop

Ch 1, (15 SC, skip 1) x3, 12 SC, join loop

Ch 1, (10 HDC, skip 1) x5, 1 HDC, join loop

Ch 2, (8 DC, skip 1) x5, 6 DC, join loop

Ch 1, (4 SC, skip 1) x 9, 1 SC, join loop

Ch 1, (3 HDC, skip 1) x9, 1 HDC, join loop

Ch 1, (2 SC, skip 1) x 9, 1 SC, join loop

Ch 1 (2 HDC, skip 1) x 6, join loop

Ch 1 (1 SC, skip 1) x 7


For The Lower Band

Attach yarn to the bottom of the hat.

Chain 2, 64 DC, rotating in front and behind the post all the way around.

Complete 3 more rows of chain 2 64 DC, making sure to go in front or behind the post so it’s exactly like the row before it. This will make it look like knitted ribbing.


The Hat Brim

Chain 30

Skip 2, 28 SC, turn

Ch 1, 28 SC, turn

Ch 1, skip 1, 25 SC, skip 1, 1 SC, turn

(Ch 1, 26 SC, turn) x 3 rows

Ch 1, skip 1, 23 SC, skip 1, 1 SC, turn

(Ch 1, 24 SC, turn)x 2 rows

Ch 1, skip 1, 21 SC, skip 1, 1 SC, turn

Ch 1, 22 SC, turn

Ch 1, skip 1, 19 SC, skip 1, 1 SC, turn

Ch 1, 20 sc, turn

Ch 1, skip 1, 17 SC, skip 1, 1 SC, turn

Ch 1, skip 1, 15 SC, skip 1, 1 SC, turn

Ch 1, skip 1, 13 SC, Skip 1, 1 SC, cut and tie off thread.

***Repeat entire Hat Brim process again so you have to pieces. Follow video instructions to sew together and place over cardboard.


Free Crochet Hat Pattern – Printable Brim Piece

crochet hat with brim pattern

Click the link below to print your free crochet hat pattern

crochet hat with brim pattern





The Nut Job – Review

the nut job movie review

the nut job movie review

In an attempt to be brutally honest for my Nut Job Movie Review I must say what some of you may have already suspected based on previews… this was not an amazing movie. In fact I would go so far as to say just wait for the Lego movie to come out or go watch Frozen again because fantastic this movie is not.  Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear, but Joquena doesn’t want to lie :-(

That being said it held all three of my children’s attention and they thought it was great. But unless you have an infinite cash supply your funds might be best spent waiting until it only costs a dollar at Redbox or renting it off of Amazon because it just isn’t worth the expense of taking your whole family.

If you ignore me and go anyway (which you’re more than welcome to do after all this is just my opinion) make sure to stay to the end because the credits are hilarious. So hilarious that I even tried to find them on youtube for you. Here’s a teaser but it’s not quite it:



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Tatting Flowers

free needle tatting patternsToday at Modern Homemakers we’re tatting flowers. These are free tatting patterns and these tatted flowers use needle tatting instructions, and therefore do not require a shuttle.


Tatting Flowers Part 1

Tatting Flowers Part 2

free tatting patternsFlower Tatting Pattern

Ring 1 the center inner circle

[Ring (ic) 5,p,5,p,5,p,5 close]

5 double stitches, picot (loop), 5 double stitches, picot (loop), 5 double stitches, picot (loop), 5 double stitches, close with a knot. Turn work to flatten knot so it’s more like a square knot, then turn it back.


Outer chain and rings

[ring 3,(p),3,p,3,(p),3 close]

3 double stitches, picot (loop), 3 double stitches, picot (loop), 3 double stitches, picot (loop), 3 double stitches, close with a knot. This time loop the needle thru the back of the knot under the first ring and bring the needle towards you to make the knot.

 Chain 1

3 double stitches join the picot (loop) with the third picot loop from the first ring, 3 double stitches, picot (loop), 3 double stitches, picot (loop), 3 double stitches, close with a knot made with the picot loop on the inner circle.

ring 2

[ring 3,(p),3,p,3,(p),3 close]

3 double stitches, join the last picot (loop) of the chain, 3 double stitches, picot (loop), 3 double stitches, picot (loop), 3 double stitches, close with a knot. This time loop the needle thru the back of the knot under the first ring and bring the needle towards you to make the knot.


Chain 2

3 double stitches join the picot (loop) with the third picot loop from the second ring, 3 double stitches, picot (loop), 3 double stitches, picot (loop), 3 double stitches, close with a knot made with the picot loop on the inner circle.

repeat the steps of the outer chains and rings until you have created 4 rings and 4 chains.

on the 4th chain the last picot will join into last picot of the ring

3,p,3,(p),3 close

loop needle into picot from underneath

to do this, create the chain while joining the frist picot loop with the last picot loop of the ring, 3 double stiches, picot loop, 3 double stiches, then pull the needle thru without looping the thread. then pull it taunt, then you are able to turn the work and join the first loop of the very first ring, 3 double stiches, pull these off the needle. then tie a knot and loop the needle thru the bottom of the first ring.

I usually do 2 knots.

hide the ends by sewing them into the inner center ring.




How To Save Money On Napkins

how to save money on disposable products


Are you ready to learn how to save money on napkins. Being a frugal mom is all about doing lots of little things to save money that really do add up over time :-)

how to save money frugal mom




How To Be A Good Husband – Listening

Here are some tips on how to be a good husband.  Please share this with other couples :-)

how to be a good husband


How To Be  A Good Husband – Listening

how to be a good husband


how to be a good husband




Get Sharpie Off Wood

how to get sharpie off woodThanks to our little graffiti artist we had to learn how to get sharpie off wood.  We managed to do it without any nasty chemicals!

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