MeLisa And Ryun Forever Family

Friday, August 9, 2013

I’m so excited, like jump up and down excited 🙂  My sister is in a new reality show featuring her husband and 6 adopted kids. She and her…

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Bleak House

Thursday, March 14, 2013
bleak house review

If you’re looking for a good classic I suggest you go watch Charles Dickens “Bleak House”. It’s an instant view on Netflix so if you already have a…

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List Of Christmas Movies

Friday, November 23, 2012
list of christmas movies

It’s December, and one my favorite things to do is to snuggle up and watch Christmas movies.  Here’s my list of Christmas movies.  I have it broken down in different…

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Thanksgiving Activities

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
thanksgiving activities, thanksgiving printables for kids

I don’t know if it’s just my family but it takes us forever to sit down and actually eat the Thanksgiving meal. That means lots of BORED kids,…

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War Horse- Review

Monday, June 11, 2012
war horse

This is a story about dedication told by the many twists and turns that life may bring. Strength and courage are told through this movie. In short, War…

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Goodnight Tweetheart- Review

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
goodnight tweetheart

I just finished reading “Goodnight Tweetheart” by Teresa Medeiros, and yes it’s a romance novel about Twitter. It features a cute little washed up writer who describes herself as…

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Review- The Beatles’ Rain

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In almost 8 years of marriage I’ve never been able to interest my husband in a single theatre production. So when he told me he wanted to see…

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Food Matters- Review

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
food matters

This documentary is a must see! You’ll spend most of the viewing with your mouth open in shock. In a nutshell… no one has to suffer from chronic…

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Mirror Mirror Review

Friday, April 6, 2012

I gave into the begging of my two tween daughters and took them to see Mirror Mirror. Overly informed with negative reviews I prepared myself for an hour…

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Cowgirl Baby Shower

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
food table

This past weekend I helped host a baby shower for a friend. Since my friend loves horses (a true horse girl) and lives in the country, I thought…

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