Halloween Songs For Kids – Modern Homemakers Playlist

halloween songs for children

Checkout the child friendly playlist on YouTube.

So I’m old school and I literally have old cassette tapes of Halloween mixes from when I was a kid. My favorite being “Wacky Weirdos.” But this year I’m feeling too lazy to drag them out so I went to see what YouTube could give me 🙂 Recently they added a YouTube channel to the Roku device that we have connected directly to our TV and it makes watching YouTube sooooo much easier. Seriously squealed when I saw it for the first time.

Wasn’t hard at all to find individual kid Halloween songs…. but then I started to get frustrated. I wanted to just press play and focus on coloring with my kids. But every two minutes the song would end, and who knows what would come on. Sometimes the songs weren’t even Halloween 🙁  A lot of the time the songs were just plain, well there’s no way to say it nicely. BAD songs kept coming on. Boring, Lame, Bad songs that no one, (especially this mommy) wanted to listen to.

So I decided to make my own playlist. I have kids ages 2-9 so it’s important to me that nothing be too scary. Here’s a link to my playlist, and I hope you enjoy these Halloween Songs For Kids as much as we do!

Please let me know if you think of any great songs that I missed and I’ll add them 🙂

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