The Nut Job – Review

the nut job movie review

In an attempt to be brutally honest for my Nut Job Movie Review I must say what some of you may have already suspected based on previews… this was not an amazing movie. In fact I would go so far as to say just wait for the Lego movie to come out or go watch Frozen again because fantastic this movie is not.  Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear, but Joquena doesn’t want to lie 🙁

That being said it held all three of my children’s attention and they thought it was great. But unless you have an infinite cash supply your funds might be best spent waiting until it only costs a dollar at Redbox or renting it off of Amazon because it just isn’t worth the expense of taking your whole family.

If you ignore me and go anyway (which you’re more than welcome to do after all this is just my opinion) make sure to stay to the end because the credits are hilarious. So hilarious that I even tried to find them on youtube for you. Here’s a teaser but it’s not quite it:

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