Is it still a snow day if there isn’t any snow?

snow day

I used to love snow days. I grew up in Illinois and we’d wake up ridiculously early and turn on the radio and hold our breath waiting for the broadcaster to announce that school was closed for the day. At the time I never thought twice about how my mom felt about all the school closings. Now that I’m a mom I think I understand. My mom was probably less than thrilled as she saw her productivity time go out the window.

So I live in Tennessee and school gets canceled even without snow. I’ve heard it’s because they don’t have any of the equipment (plows etc) to deal with inclement weather. So sorry everyone there will be no modern homemakers videos today. Sorry husband I’m not even going to try to keep the house clean today. I’m going to watch cartoons and color with the kids and hopefully they go back tomorrow!

So does anyone have an answer to my question? Is it still called a snow day even if there isn’t any snow?

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